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Oracle Adds New Virtual Desktop Software for iPad

eWeek has an article out about the recently released Oracle Virtual Desktop for iPad.  For those of you who want to use a mobile device but still need a full fledged client browser and your company uses Oracle’s Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure then this might be of use to you.  I went to the store and took a screenshot as well.

The application works with a range of enterprise applications, including network-intensive applications and those requiring full desktop browsers. One example would be a mobile-computing environment for users of Oracle’s Siebel CRM, which is an application not previously known for its mobility.

It also is designed for uses such as hospital administration and enterprise resource management, Oracle said.

The new VDI application offers gesture-based and multi-touch operation with rich virtual-keyboard support that includes CTRL, ALT, ESC, Insert, Delete, Tab, Home, End, Function, Paging and cursor keys.

Screenshots of Oracles Desktop Client for iPad

Screenshots of the client taken from the iTunes store

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