Upgraded Adobe Flash and Flex Builders Aimed at Mobile Development

eWeek has a short article out about the Adobe’s updated Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 aimed at mobile development.   Adobe continues to follow their model for using Flash as a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP).  While still relatively young, small vendors like Pyxis and even larger vendors like IBM are pushing a strategy of write once and run everywhere (iOS, Android, Blackberry, HTML5 mobile sites, etc.)  When talking to some of our techies at Perficient, they really like Adobe’s development tools like Flash Builder.  One architect compared it to Windows development tools from back in the late 90’s that just worked when viewed against the sometimes painful development with JavaScript.   His point: you can gain higher developer productivity with these tools.
The only concern to have with all the MEAP tools is that it’s still the wild west in the mobile development world.   Competing standards, tools, and vendors make it hard to see who the winner will be.  Regardless, Adobe already has a strong start using tools creative designers around the world already know and love.
Anyway, check out eWeek to see examples and descriptions of mobile sites that use Adobe Flash to deliver.

Conqu by AsFusion

Conqu by AsFusion uses Adobe to repurpose a legacy site to mobile

Netflix Queue Manager by UnitedMindset

Netflix Queue Manager by UnitedMindset brings Netflix to you

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