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12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: Wrap UP

We have shown you a variety of ways in which you can screw up your portal project.  Glenn Kline and I had fun documenting them.  Of course, we had less fun living through them or consoling clients who were living through them but time heals all wounds and now we can laugh about it.  We’d like to end with a riff on David Lettermen’s top 10 list.

Late Night with Portal

You will probably be working instead of watching David Lettermen’s top 10 list on Late Night if……..

10. We have really smart people, I’m sure they can figure out this portal thing without any help at all.

9. The project team decides to use Agile and the PMO wraps their ‘gating’ process around it.

8. The integration team says, “We’ve almost decided on a Services layer.” It’s three months into the project.

7. The project manager has yet to notify anyone of a two month project delay and the business thinks the project will launch next week.

6. It’s month three of a 5 month project and you finally received sign off on requirements.

5. WCM isn’t absolutely perfect for us, let’s develop our own content solution.

4. The security team doesn’t need to be involved in the decision, I’m sure they will be on board.

3. You do a technical review and you hear the phrase, “I wasn’t here when they made this decision.” At least 5 times.

2. We don’t need to install the environments until the week before we really need them.

1. We are only 2 weeks from production and performance seems a bit slow.  Maybe we should run a performance test.


So have fun and good luck on your projects.

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