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Is your website a Mustang or a Pinto?

Form over function or function over form? Each of us has our own biases … but consider this:
Matt Cutts, a lead Google engineer, says every entrepreneur should think as hard about the look of their website as much as the services they provide.*
Although a site may be professional and function in the most efficient and professional way, if it doesn’t look professional, customers could be getting an inaccurate perception of your business, product and services. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Imagine a Ford showroom. On the left is a brand new 2011 Mustang; on the right is a 1971 Pinto. Suppose that Ford had made an error and reversed the engines of each vehicle. Now the Pinto is equipped with a brand new 5.0 GT motor under the hood. Does it matter?
As people file through the showroom, the Mustang will still draw a crowd and the Pinto remains one of Time Magazine’s 50 worst cars of all time.
Even if you drive off the lot in the Mustang and realize the engine does not meet expectation — rip it out, replace it. It can be made into the Mustang you want and expect. But the Pinto will always be a Pinto.

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