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Customize Office 365 Dirsync

To change the frequency of Dirsync:

1. In Windows Explorer, locate the Microsoft.Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe.Config file in the following folder: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory Sync. This is the default installation location.
2. Start Notepad, and then open the Microsoft.Online.DirSync.Scheduler.exe.Config file.
3. Change Value=”3:0:0″ to the time period that you want. Use Hours:Minutes:Seconds format to specify the time value.
4. Save the file, and then exit Notepad.
5. Restart the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization Service. To do this, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services. Right-click Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization Service, and then click Restart.
After performing these steps, directory synchronization runs on the newly configured time schedule.

To choose what OUs will be Dirsynced:

Note: This process is not officially supported by Microsoft.

  1. In windows explorer open Miisclient.exe from the default install location: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory SyncSYNCBUSUIShellmiisclient.exe”.
  2. From the menu choose Management Agents and then choose properties of SourceAD

  3. Click on configure Directory Partitions and choose Containers to select the OUs that will be synced.

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