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Upcoming SharePoint Events

My favorite thing about SharePoint is its friendly and vibrant community. Having already attended a few fantastic conferences this year, including yesterday’s standout SharePoint Saturday in Twin Cities yesterday, I’m excited about the slew of other events coming up. 2011 is a huge year for SharePoint.
I’m planning to attend:
  1. April 25-27: SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Boston – I’ll be presenting on "Customizing SharePoint Online"
  2. April 30: SharePoint Saturday St. Louis – I’ll be presenting on "Securing the SharePoint Platform"
  3. May 14: SharePoint Saturday Michigan
  4. Late Spring: SharePoint Saturday Chicago (Suburbs)
  5. July 27: SharePoint Fest Chicago
  6. August 8-10: SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast Chicago – I’ll be presenting on "Customizing SharePoint Online"
  7. October 3-6: SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim
  8. Late Fall: SharePoint Saturday Chicago (City)
The easiest way to keep up to date with SharePoint events is via the SharePoint Community Calendar.
I encourage you to attend these if events you can. Please come say hi.

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