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GartnerPCC: Want YouTube? Prepare with Video Content Management

Video has an impact. Look at what’s changed in the entertainment world. Whit Andrews saw Nick Acosta let people video her concert and then she videod them.  He started with this video

If you don’t find a corporate YouTube they will put everything on YouTube. At that point, it’s beyond corporate control.

What’s driving the use of Video

It’s becoming pervasive.  When a 70 year old grandmother can create video’s on her clamshell phone, you know it’s arrived.

Almost 70% of people view short videos online.  It’s global.  Brazil and China has the largest set of users

A significant amount of users are now creating video content.

Business Drivers for Video

  1. Training
  2. Communications from Execs
  3. Collaboration and idea sharing
  4. Corporate messaging for inspiration
  5. Internally generated newsfeeds
  6. Digital signage
  7. Externally generated newsfeeds
  8. All are growing

what is video good for?

  • Increases credibility
  • Establishes empathy
  • Enhancing or affecting the mood
  • Visually complex instruction. You can convey information that just doesn’t come across in other channels.

Best Practice: Use short videos.  Keep it under three minutes

Horror Stories

  1. Firefighters capturing training video at actual fire scenes
  2. Government workers shoot video of chair races in the government offices during weekend team building exercise.  Legitimate activity but went it went viral, bad things happened
  3. Published a video that couldn’t be viewed.  Support lines ring off the hooks.
  4. CEO webcast goes black and network managers lose their jobs.
  5. PR nightmare of police officer in unmarked car and without a uniform who pulls out a gun before identifying himself.
  6. Future horror videos: video in cars, video on workstations, conference rooms
  7. Future horror video: competitors will take your video and mash them up……..and then mock you


Video is a different content type.  It has a business and governmental differences.  Video is harder to search, edit, syncronize, etc.  It takes a long time to produce.

Video content management is shifting to the cloud.  Gartner sees almost a 10% gain in cloud from 2010 to 2012.

Five things you need to get video right

  1. Video manager role to serve as liason with storage and network managers
  2. Production kits that you have to attend training to access
  3. A video sharing policy
  4. Training program for video performance skills
  5. Workflow for Approvals


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