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Gartner Portal Conference Keynote

The keynote took the form of a Jeopardy game with IBM’s Watson at the center. this let Sue, Gene Phifer, and Tom Austin take time to address topics during the questions.

Sue – The fusion of technology will bring a huge change and value

It’s the fusion of the technology that’s coming to the board now.  We have new engagement parameters – ubiquitous sensors drive coupons to your phone in the super market as an example.

Gene Phifer -Utilizing the power of the community

Little Tykes provides some simple directions to assemble.  The site provide little more than that.  However, YouTube has multiple videos.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  This highlights the value of self-organizing communities.

IKEA has “Anna”, an automated assistant online.  But go to   This is driven by the customers.

Lego has Design by Me.  You can create your own designs.  Lego takes the best designs and turns them into new products.  The crowd just provided free innovation to Lego.

Enterprise car rental’s example.  Customer tweeted on her missed reservation.  She tweeted while in a long line to resolve it.  Enterprise Car Rental uses social media monitoring and sentiment analysis.  Within a couple minutes of the tweet, the call center calls Jane, apologizes, tells her of the resolved issue, and gives her a two class upgrade.  She became, “A customer for life”.  See the value that comes when utilizing the power of the community

Tom Austin – The Changing Office

The desktop of the future becomes a lot of desktops

the future of end user computing becomes information and communication technology that extends way beyond computing

The office of the future becomes works and not-work blending

The paperless office – yeah, that was funny.

Look at all these changes, these are state changes.  We see the future through the present.  Look at tablet computers. Apple brought a state change through the iPad.

Tom noted that they were right on one key prediction: Social – not technical- phenomena are central to successful collaboration.

Compare two revolutions. One is transportation with roads, cars and fuel. This completely changed our way of life in ways that were hard to predict.   Now look at the communication networks we have built and that revolution.  “It’s technology only if you weren’t raised with it.


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