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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Positive Outcomes from #HealthIT

It’s always heart-warming when we can see the results of our work and the human impact – when healthcare analytics and reported outcomes drive to a better patient experience and positive outcomes.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently referenced good systems being able to generate outcomes information at Texas Children’s Hospital in a speech he gave at the Houston Technology Forum on March 10th. The system and outcomes work was supported by Perficient, Microsoft’s Healthcare Provider Partner of the Year leveraging Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, SharePoint and ASP.NET.

Here’s what Mr Ballmer had to say

“One of our guys was telling me a story which I thought was fantastic that happened here locally, so I’ll share it with you. Lady in Kansas, a grandmother actually, finds out that her not-yet-born grandchild has some kind of fetal heart problem and says, what am I going to do about this? Starts searching around, and the only hospital that actually had both good systems to allow her to find them, and actually could demonstrate what their outcomes had been with in utero fetal heart surgery, was the Texas Children’s Hospital. They captured that information, they published it. They had it in a place where this grandmother in Kansas, doing her research on the Internet, using information published by TCH, she was able not only to tell her child, look I found these people, but it looks like they actually get very good outcomes. They did an in utero procedure on this mom here in Houston, and the success story of course is there, the baby is fine, has lived in a way that you just can’t imagine in a generation prior to information technology.

TCH is now getting referrals for these kinds of procedures based upon real outcomes. Very few healthcare institutions can actually prove to you, by the way, they have real outcomes. They don’t have the data and systems to support it. And yet TCH does. And hopefully we get a chance, that’s as dramatic a story as I frankly have ever heard about the use of our technology, but hope we get the chance to work with many of you on important stories for you.”

What is your story of the human side of Health IT? Please comment & share.

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