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Which Social Media Metrics Matter…..and to Whom

Alan Weintraub tweeted about this blog post by Nate Elliott at Forrester. He takes a look at how social media metrics should be different depending on who is looking at the data.   Keeping in mind that his is focused on social media and not what I would term social networking (see previous blog post), I think he’s spot on.

We’ve been pretty vocal over the past couple of years about how marketers should define success in social media and (perhaps more importantly) how they shouldn’t define success. To put it bluntly, if you’re focusing on fans and followers, then you’re almost certainly doing it wrong.

But saying that raises the question: If the number of fans or followers you have doesn’t tell us whether you’ve succeeded as a company, then what does it tell you? And if your CEO shouldn’t be worried about the number of wall posts you’ve generated, then who should be paying attention to this number?

It’s worth reading the entire post.

Thoughts on “Which Social Media Metrics Matter…..and to Whom”

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