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IBM LotusLive Notes now offers a fully hosted service offering for BES and Android OS

IBM today announced offerings for BES and Android OS on LotusLive.  For many companies where managing a BES or Traveler might be too much to bite, this is a nice offering and a clear sign in the direction IBM is moving in the cloud domain coupled with mobile support.

BM LotusLive Notes 1.3 is a full-featured, cloud-based email service. Subscribing to the LotusLive Notes service means that IBM sets up, operates, and maintains your organization’s Lotus® Domino-based mailboxes via a LotusLive server farm operated within the cloud. LotusLive Notes offers users the benefits of the Lotus Domino® mail server architecture and security without the mail server maintenance overhead.

With this update of LotusLive Notes, you get the addition of a fully hosted service offering for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, both with and without optional Mobile Data Services from Research In Motion (RIM).

Additional enhancements:

* Traveler for LotusLive Notes subscription supports Android operating system, expanding the mobile needs of virtually anyone.
* Additional Mail Manager controls are available as part of the web-based LotusLive Notes Administration experience (including automatic management of content older than “n” days and administrator-controlled User Exclude lists).
* Support for limiting the size of inbound file attachments for email messages (administrator controlled at the user or group level).
* User experience modifications in the area of calendaring and scheduling to further improve visual parity with the Notes client when working in LotusLive Notes via a standard web browser (including full support for alarm preferences plus font, background, and color updates).
* The ability to import contacts within LotusLive Notes web in any supported language.
* Support for purchasing subscriptions to the LotusLive Notes service.

Here is a link to the Press Release.

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