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IBM Ships the Latest Version of its Mobile Portal Accelerator

Hot on the heels of their latest portal release is the latest update to the mobile portal that runs on top of WebSphere Portal.  Here’s the press release.

IBM® Mobile Portal Accelerator 7.0 software (formerly IBM WebSphere® Everyplace® Mobile Portal Enable software) is an integrated, server-side infrastructure offering that enables the design and deployment of mobile web solutions, including the enablement of mobile web technologies for:

* Multichannel access of web portal content
* Write once, render on multiple devices

New features:

* Support for WebSphere Portal 7.0 platform
* Support for rendering of Lotus® Web Content Management (WCM) Version 7.0 content to mobile devices
* Updated Multi-Channel Server Version 5.3
* Updated Media Access Proxy
* New mobile out-of-the-box solutions and examples
o Deployment best practices, cluster installation, using virtual Portals, updated troubleshooting guide
o How-to documents: Create a mobile theme layout, “XDIME” enable an existing portlet
o How-to documents: Integrate web services, Javascript features, and Stream video content

* Updated Mobile Portal Toolkit support for Rational® Application Developer and Rational Solutions Architect V8.0 mobile devices

* Updated runtime and development code

IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator Device Update V7.0 provides device attribute information used by the multi-channel server to effectively interact with mobile devices. There are currently over 7000 devices defined and updated in the subscription database – with the latest devices and updates added as they reach the market.

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