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Rich Internet Applications – What options do you have?

So everyone wants a really cool looking web application these days.  They want it to look good. They want the interface to meet or beat the application interfaces you use on your desktop and the want it to be fast.  There exists a number of options that you can use. They include: AJAX, Adobe Flash/Flex, and Microsoft Silverlight.  I worked with Brian Flanagan, Jeff Rivkin, and John Angelini to create a presentation that reviews these technologies.  Hopefully you all can gain some value from it.

Thoughts on “Rich Internet Applications – What options do you have?”

  1. I really like the contact page that popped up, very clever, quick and easy to use. Is that a landing page or something that just pops up during the viewing of your home page?

  2. yeah exactly Michael everyone is looking for RIA application on web.. as the term RIA come into limelight..
    I am also RIA developer.. I know the importance of RIA’s on web.

    Keep on writing looking for more post in future as well..

    Lucy Williams

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