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Collaboration University – Day 1

Collaboration University is currently being held this week in Chicago, last week it was in London.  It is 3 days of heads-down on Connections, Quickr and Sametime.  This year, the focus was really on extending the newest versions of Sametime 8.5.1 and Quickr(Domino).  But the concepts of extending these applications within each other work for extending to Connections and other portal applications.

There was a keynote by Louis Richardson, Worldwide Sale Leader for Lotus Social Software where he focused on how to help the audience, mostly Lotus Admins, on how to ‘sell’ social software to business stakeholders.  At the core of his message was Why.  WHY does business need social software?  WHY do you do what you do as an admin?  For most of the audience, this rang true.  It was a pain point on how they do their jobs successfully.  They all had WHY questions.  I am going to address some of the WHY questions in further posts.

Another great session was how to push IM presence and to web and other interfaces.  A plus to Sametime on WAS is that it is amazingly simple to drop Sametime presence and chat windows on any website with a few lines of code.  STLinks is gone, if you are on 8.5.

Day 2 is a 9 hour day of code, customizations and further extensions.

Thoughts on “Collaboration University – Day 1”

  1. Very interesting, Jonathan, I’ll be looking forward to reading those “WHY”. I think Sametime presence is a must for real-time collaboration, and it’s not a complicated issue, like you state, it really allos to communicate faster and track the tasks and workflow.

    Thanks for the post


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