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Send To Connections in SharePoint 2010

Send To Connections in SharePoint 2010 offer much more flexibility and a great way to better managed documents. A user can move a document from one location to another, create a copy of a document and send it to another location, or move a document but leave a link of its new location in former location. Documents can be sent across site, site collection or even farms using the OfficialFile web service defined here:

In SharePoint 2007, you have to create a Record Center site in order to use the Record management functionality. Now, in SharePoint 2010, the record management functionality has been wrapped into a feature called ‘Content Organizer’ which provides a lot of flexibility. For example, if you want your site to be a document recipient, it is now possible by just enabling a site feature (versus creating a dedicated Record management site like we do in SharePoint 2007).
Creating a Send to Connection

Before you create a new Send to Connection, make sure the site you are planning to use as a target site has the content organizer feature enabled

If you don’t enable that feature, you won’t be able to create the send to connection.
Go to Central Administration in General Application Settings. Under the External Service Connections section, locate and click on ‘Configure sent to connections’:

New features are available in the connector in the SharePoint 2010. In addition to just move and document, you can now choose to copy document but also move a document and leave a Link in the current document library location that points to the new location of the document as show here:

Once your Send To Connection is created and you choose to set it manual use in document libraries, it should show as shown here in the item context menu in the ‘Send To’ category:

Thoughts on “Send To Connections in SharePoint 2010”

  1. Hi Thanks for the post – is it correct to assume that the send to feature only works for documents? So you cannot use the same method to send a wiki page or aspx page to the records repository?

  2. Rich, I did some quick testing on your assumption and you are correct to assume that a custom send to connection only works for documents. For wiki/aspx pages there are out of the box options for the send to menu, but a custom send to connection will not show. You can always “Email a Link” and sometimes (I believe it depends on either the content type of the item or the library you are in) you can also have the option to “Create a Document Workspace” or “Download A Copy” as well.

  3. Hi,
    it’s a little bit old topic, but it seems like send to doesn’t manage correct managed metadata.
    In my case office files (Word excel) do not withdraw all metadata to the destination location. Document sets don’t either.
    Other files (not Mictosoft, f.e *.jpg, *.inf, *.pdf, *.zip withdraw all managed metadata correctly.
    Further a document sets are converted into a zip-file and moved in first step to a drop off library. in second step (driven by timer service) they are moved to the destination library.
    In my case in the destination library appears this zipped file instead of document set.

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