Get Ready to Camp!

MOSSCamp, that is. Next Friday, November 9, is a great opportunity for SharePoint developers around Chicago to get together and share our collective experiences using MOSS. (And did I mention that it’s free?)

You can see from the schedule that the content is very dev-centric. It’ll be informal, unconferency, and set up in a quick-hit fashion to make sure there’s something relevant for everyone (and that the attention-span-challenged — like me — will stay tuned).

I’ll probably be talking briefly on MOSS’s ability to support pluggable authentication providers, but the format provides for a flexible agenda and open sharing. If you’ve done something cool with SharePoint, come and tell everyone about it. And if you haven’t, come rub shoulders with your colleagues in Chicago and get excited about what you can do using the SharePoint platform.

Visit the MOSSCamp site for more details and registration.

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