Final Report of the 2007 Analytics Shoot Out Now Available!

The 2007 Analytics Shoot Out Final Report is now available. This report is the final report in our study of 7 different analytics packages running across 4 different web sites simultaneously. Here are the sections you will find in this new report:

  1. Section 1. An executive summary of the report, findings, and key takeaways.
  2. Section 2. Overview of study methodology.
  3. Section 3. First party v.s. third-party cookie updated analysis.
  4. Section 4. Detailed analysis of the traffic data – this has been updated extensively from the Interim Report.
  5. Section 5. A brand new section on “Why Accuracy Matters”
  6. Section 6. Our first look at why JavaScript placement is a BIG issue in analytics – much bigger than anyone has thought to date.
  7. Section 7. A detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses of 5 of the packages we worked with during the study.

Ultimately, our goal with the report was to provide readers with more insight into what analytics packages are good at, what they are not good at, as well as to better understand which analytics package is more suited to which types of web sites.
We also welcome any comments you want to make on the report, which you can make by commenting on this blog post below.

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