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How Retailers are Leading with Customer Experience in 2017

The last, best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experiences they want everywhere. Customer Experience led the charge at many of the sessions and discussions throughout the National Retail Federation’s Big Show at the Javits Center in New York City this year. There wasn’t a single session, demo, gadget or sidebar […]

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Get Ready for Retail’s Big Show!

It’s another January in New York City, and retailers everywhere are converging on the Javits Center for the National Retail Federation’s 2017 Big Show. 2016 was an up and down year for retailers: Off-price retailers were thriving while department stores continued to struggle. e-Commerce was working for almost everyone, but Amazon continues to be a step ahead of […]

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Digital transformation to spur spending in robotics, IDC says

As more companies engage in digital transformation, expect to see robotics play a larger role. That’s the assessment by global market analyst International Data Corp., (IDC) which just published a Worldwide Commercial Robotics Spending Guide that measures regional purchases of robotic systems, system hardware, software, robotics-related services, and after-market robotics hardware across 13 industries. The […]

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The Rise of Android TV

While there has been much discussion about Apple TV and its impact on the home entertainment market, Google has been quietly building a digital eco-system that already has game-changing potential. Building upon the success of the Android operating system, Google has developed a Smart TV platform that succeeds where others have failed in the past. Android TV goes beyond […]

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Hear that? A big boom from the Internet of Things

Expect spending on the “Internet of Things” to soar over the next three years, with the majority of that spending to occur in Asia and the Pacific. That is the forecast from market researcher International Data Corp., which has announced the findings of its most recent Internet of Things Spending Guide. By 2019, IDC says, […]

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Platform ambassador: The new title in media management

Take a guess: How many virtual communities exist online, right now? The answer is complex. If you count only those sites with 100 million members or more, the list is about a dozen names long. If you count those considered “major” and “active” at the same time, the list has about 400 members. But if […]

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89,000 employees and “one curious culture”

I was really intrigued when I heard Eric Quint introduce the scale and scope of his job on a Web Conversation by to an audience from 40 countries. We were there to hear the 3M Company’s Chief Design Officer talk about change management. For those who are not familiar with 3M, their products are found […]

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CX and software – consumers lead the experience (part 2)

Part 1 see: “Is software eating the world? Or, is it really customers?” In the earlier post I mentioned that more companies are focusing on the opportunities software offers to create customer value through the customer experience (CX). This rising development is a result of the rise in popularity of software, and it is spawning […]

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Interesting Insights from HOW Design Conference 2015

The HOW Design Conference in Chicago this year really had me thinking about how I approach my daily work and even some aspects of my personal life. The talks were overall very informative, and also quite inspiring! Our group had a great time in Chicago. During our free time, we walked around town and took […]

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6 Ways to Overcome Programming Roadblocks

Programmers, whether novice or professional, encounter roadblocks and issues every day while working with code. This can lead to unnecessary frustration, hamper productivity, and pose a threat to reaching the product deadline. The following are a few measures that I, as a front-end developer, have developed to overcome roadblocks while working in fast-paced environments with […]

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