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Campaign Daily Budgets – An Ignorable Suggestion, Not a Limiter

Starting October 4th, Google is allowing themselves to spend up to twice the campaign daily budget on any particular day. Advertisers can’t opt out, either. The intention is “to help you reach your advertising goals, like clicks or conversions.” Google can now better accommodate the unexpected ups-and-downs of traffic on a day-to-day basis to help […]

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Circumventing Apple’s New iOS Safari 11 Tracking Changes

Apple dropped a bomb on search engine marketing teams recently with the announcement of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) for the iOS 11 update. Apple is changing how third-party cookies are now handled on mobile Safari, essentially disallowing third-party cookie targeting after just one day. This significantly (and negatively) affects the ability to target iOS […]

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Google’s New “Smart Display” Campaigns: A Faster Way to Test

When it comes to testing display ads effectively, most advertisers simply don’t have the time and resources to keep up with it. To do it right, it requires multiple designs and different messages for each audience. When you multiply each of those factors by 5-10 different ad sizes, the challenge becomes obvious. Google’s new “Smart […]

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