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Generate Performance Testing Report with JMeter-Plugins and Ant

JMeter is a popular open source performance test tool. However, its shortage of comprehensive report functionality, affects performance test result analysis, e.g., performance monitor of server, hits per second, response code over time, and so on. This paper will introduce how to create more analysis reports in both JMeter GUI Mode and Non GUI mode. Read the rest of this post »

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Hangzhou Apache Spark Meetup

Similar to the Hadoop project, the Apache Spark project is a fast evolving in-memory engine for large-scale data processing platform. Particularly in recent years, Spark was widely used in many organizations and its community is being committed by many contributors. Perficient China GDC colleagues attended a recent Spark technology meetup in Hangzhou, during the meetup the developers shared the challenge, best practice and technical insight when to apply Apache Spark.
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Generate code coverage report for iOS apps in Jenkins server

Code coverage is a good method to describe the degree to which the source code of a project is tested and how well the project is tested. In iOS develop world, around 25%  test code coverage is common required in business. Unfortunately, iOS native develop IDE (aka Xcode) hasn’t provided a default build-in code coverage feature yet. So here is my solution for it. Read the rest of this post »

KnockoutJS MVVM Script Folder Structure

In the past couple of years, we have delivered several projects successfully which were based on MVC + KnockoutJS, they all applied the same structure or pattern, so I was thinking to get them out from several projects which we might reuse in the future projects, here is what I’d like to share, you may adopt it, or question it.

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Settle newest iOS projects in Jenkins server – Part 2

Create & configure an IOS project in Jenkins

To create an iOS project in Jenkins, I recommend to get the project from a version control server, like git, gitlab, svn, etc. Here I use gitlab to clone my projects into Jenkins.


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Settle newest iOS projects in Jenkins server – Part 1

Jenkins is a common-used open source continuous integration solution for many companies, it works well for a large range of projects, but Jenkins is not the first choice for Apple developers. Apple provided an independent CI server called Xcode Server which only works for Apple projects. But for many managers, it is always a better choice if there is an “one picture”solution which could settle all projects in a single CI server. And here is my solution to let the newest iOS projects (build by Xcode 6) work well in a Jenkins server. Read the rest of this post »

Setting up Jenkins with Git repository

This post introduces you the steps to setup Jenkins (Continuous Integration Server) with Git repository.


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Access to ReportObjects of SAP Crystal Reports Programmatically

When you intend to create report utilizing SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012, generally speaking, all the report content can be bound with some kinds of data source (like DataSet). However, in some particular scenarios, some report content is not bound to any data source, and you have to change them dynamically, such as report title, report filter criterion, this post introduces you to change the report object attributes programmatically in Visual Studio 2012.

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How to set up Apple Touch ID for your own apps

It has been quite a while since Apple Inc. provided the fingerprint authentication API for developers to use the amazing feature “Touch ID” in their own apps, but it’s still hard for us to find out any Touch ID supported apps in App Store. This post will provide you a chance to touch this new authentication method and enable it in your apps.

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Automated Acceptance Test with AngularJS, Jasmine and Protractor

Want to do automated acceptance test in AngularJS web app? This post introduces you to the basics of building Automated Acceptance Test with AngularJS, Jasmine and Protractor.

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