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Beyond Components: Improving the Sitecore Editing Experience

As the basis for content presentation in Sitecore, well-built components are critical for a successful Sitecore implementation. Content Authors and Editors will be interacting with components in the Experience Editor on a daily basis, and there will be a wide range of technical expertise among these users. With that in mind, Sitecore developers should always […]

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Business Runs on the C’s: Part 2 – The 4th C

Last night I awoke and quickly wrote down this poem: Content is King, Commerce is Queen. Who will buy If your product is not seen. If Content is King and Commerce is Queen, then Relevant Search is the Crown. Through the power of Coveo Machine Learning and integration with all 3 pieces of the triangle, […]

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Sitecore Cross-site In Session Personalization

Assume you have a scenario with two different websites for US travel and Canada travel (“” and “”)  that have different home nodes in a shared Sitecore instance.  Marketing Control Panel content such as goals and campaigns is shared as well. By default in session personalization works for each individual site.  Identifying and merging contacts […]

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Video Training: Setting Rules-based Personalization – Sitecore

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there. One second, let me change socks and we can get going. [interlude music] So here’s the thing. Marketers, developers, all people living in the Sitecore world – Personalization…it’s not a new topic. It is the center of our most of our digital worlds, one of our most overused […]

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Business Runs on the C’s: Part 1 – The 3 C’s

Everybody knows that businesses run on the 3 C’s: Contact Relationship Management, Content Management Systems, and Commerce; however, most would argue that this is a pyramid where CRM represents your customers, they access the website, and they purchase products: Successful businesses see this as a triangle, with CRM representing all your contacts, CMS representing all […]

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Getting to Know PredefinedQuery with Sitecore Content Search

Recently I’ve been working a lot with the Sitecore Content Search API and found myself writing a lot of code like this:

As we’re always looking for better ways to do things around here and my laziness started to prevail, I thought, “there has got to be a way to do this where I […]

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Video: Sitecore Marketing Quick Tip – “Links” Tool

Hey Sitecore marketers (new and veteran) I am starting a secondary series of training videos. My original series of videos on YouTube are a bit longer-format and cover off on the necessary basics to mature as a Sitecore CXP marketer. This new Quick Tip series is designed to deliver small bites of video training on an […]

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Sitecore User Group Cleveland with Coveo eCommerce and xMarketing

Sitecore User Group Cleveland’s (SUGCLE) latest meetup was an exciting combination of Coveo Machine Learning with eCommerce and Accelerating the xMarketing capabilites of Sitecore. Representatives from Coveo and Paragon Consulting presented 2 different topics that complimented each other very well. Vincent Bernard, Coveo Solution Architect and Isabel Tinoco, Coveo Alliance Manager – Sitecore, presented on the topic of Coveo Machine […]

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Publishing Items in Sitecore: Order Matters

Content can be published in a variety of ways in Sitecore (Publishing Wizard, via the ribbon, via workflow, per item, etc.). This affords Content Authors and Editors great flexibility in getting content to the web, but it is important to remember that all publishing (out of the box, anyway) is governed by a few basic […]

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Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild

Are you new to Sitecore Commerce? Well, you are not alone. There is a lot of excitement about Sitecore Commerce this year. With the introduction of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 and the new feature set, it is definitely ready for prime time. The challenge faced is a familiar one to anybody attempting to rapidly learn a […]

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