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Enterprise Customer Experience – Top 3 Getting-Started Tips

You just walked out of a half-day meeting, and it is settled; you are going to upgrade to an enterprise-class Customer Experience platform. Step one…breathe, you can do this, and there are a lot of people out there that will be more than happy to help you. For now, let’s stick with you and your […]

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Sitecore PowerShell – Enable Item Level Language Fallback

The use case for this blog is to enable item-level fallback on all items based on any user-defined template (or based on any template located in a given folder). Here are three steps you need to follow in order to set up the language fallback functionality in Sitecore: Enable site-level fallback in \Website\App_Config\Include\Sitecore.LanguageFallback.config. Specify the […]

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Video Training: Setting up Sitecore A/B/N Testing

Marketers and friends, Here’s the quick start if you want to get watching the training. If you want to hear me ramble like Grandpa Simpson, feel free to read on. Starting with… I’m old. Well, okay, if age is in the mind I am still 15, but as far as a marketer goes, I used […]

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No Recent Interactions in Experience Profile with Solr

I recently ran into an issue where in some of my client’s (more active) environments we were not seeing any recent interactions in the Experience Profile. After much back and forth with Sitecore support it was finally determined that this setting – <setting name=”ContentSearch.SearchMaxResults” value=”500″ /> –  in the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config was the culprit. By default […]

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Experiencing the New Sitecore Developer Certification Exam (MVC)

I passed the new Sitecore® Professional Developer Certification exam, and I’d like to share some of my experiences. It’s a two-hour exam but you are likely to finish it in one hour or less. 70 multiple choice questions in total, no notes allowed. The exam questions are not very hard, but they are very comprehensive. […]

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Sitecore Reminder: Author Experience – Rendering Thumbnails

We have a client that is going through the early stages of developing renderings for their Sitecore solution. Naturally, they have a ton of questions as they are learning as they go – which is great. One of the questions I received from them was how to change the default icon and thumbnail for their […]

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Sitecore Content Personalization Step-by-Step

If you have been reading other posts of mine or following along on my @Sitecordial YouTube series you will have heard this caveat before: Personalization of your web content (be it for campaigns, based on channel, or behavioral profiling) takes time, and there are prerequisites. Getting to personalization takes planning and workshops like (for example) […]

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Sitecore – Change Default Base Template for Development

When you start a new Sitecore project, chances are that you and your team are going to be creating a lot of new templates. If you’ve got a custom base template that a lot of your templates inherit from, it’s repetitive to select your base template each time you create a new template. In this […]

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Sitecore – Base Template Fields Do Not Appear in User Manager

Sitecore allows you to manage a user’s profile in the User Manager. The fields for the user’s profile comes from the User template found in the Core database at /sitecore/templates/System/Security/User. While developing a proof of concept, I found that if you create your own user profile template and inherit from the built-in User template, fields […]

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Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure – Webinar Replay

Did you miss our webinar earlier this month, Accelerate Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure? If so, check out our on-demand recording! Perficient’s George Chang and Tim McCarthy covered the benefits of Sitecore DevOps on Microsoft Azure, including using Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to: Automate the build-out of Sitecore environments Automate code […]

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