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Moving to the Cloud with Confidence

Do you remember your very first airplane ride? I do, I was eight and I was headed to Disney World. So a double whammy of happiness – first time on a plane and first time to Disney. I don’t recall being scared to get on the plane, or being nervous when landing, or even when in the air for that matter. The only thing that scared me was take off, and I think that is how a lot of organizations still feel about putting their data in the cloud. It’s nerve wracking to take something that is important to you and your organization and put it someplace where you can’t have 100% control over it.

Why is it so scary to move to the cloud? Why is security still a check box on the list of concerns in moving data to the cloud? Is it really any different or less secure than keeping company and customer data on-premises?

Let’s find out.

The truth is moving your data and services to the cloud is no less secure than keeping it on-premises. Both come with pros and cons, and honestly your data may be even safer in the cloud. A few key items to think about before moving any data or services to the cloud:

  • If you currently have an on-premises server what does your life cycle road map look like in terms of integrating cloud services as the on-premises server ages out?
  • What is your SLA with the cloud provider?
  • What devices and people are you allowing to have access to the data; and what data can they see?
  • Are you planning to move to a private, public or a hybrid cloud environment?

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SharePoint 2016 – Collaborate in the Cloud On Your Terms

Has your organization ever considered the business issues listed below? SharePoint 2016 is here and now is the time to determine how it can help your organization today.


If you answered yes, to any of the above, download our latest guide today to learn more about how to use SharePoint 2016 and collaborate in the cloud on your terms!

What Does Azure Stack Mean for the Enterprise?

At the Ignite 2015 conference Microsoft had announced a few details about what Azure Stack is, and that at its most basic level it’s Azure Services that run in the On-Premises, Enterprise Data Center. Back when Microsoft Azure launched in 2010, there was a promise of Azure in your Data Center, that wasn’t talked about for a couple years. Thankfully they’ve brought it back as Azure Stack, and it’s proven to be quite a large effort for Microsoft to plan, implement and integrate with Windows Server. Now that the initial Technical Preview of Azure Stack is available for download, what exactly does Azure Stack mean for the Enterprise? This article will outline the details to answer that question. Read the rest of this post »

“Cloud is Strong” according to Microsoft Q2 2016 Earnings

I’ve previously blogged about Azure being the future of the Enterprise data center. Some times it can be difficult to tell how well Microsoft’s Cloud business (Azure and Office 365) are doing. Good news for us is that when Microsoft releases their earnings, they do give a glimpse of how well the different divisions of the business are doing in the form of dollar ($) signs. Microsoft’s Q2 2016 ending Dec. 31, 2015 shows strong growth in their cloud service offerings.

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Perficient’s Microsoft Practice is Ready to ‘Rise’ and Shine

Agility in any marketplace requires a willingness to evolve. With the acquisition of Rise Foundation, Perficient’s Microsoft practice is positioned to create, market, and sell products of its own.

Rise Foundation is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that transforms SharePoint for Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 on-premises into an easy-to-use intranet or portal for the business user. But Perficient did not just pick up the application; it acquired the product development team as well. This allows Perficient to develop and support the product in ways that add value to the company’s core services business.

“We have been working with clients to make the most of their investments in Microsoft technology on their own digital transformation journeys, and adding Rise Foundation to our portfolio provides a way to expedite that,” said Matt Morse, General Manager, Microsoft Modern Apps business unit. Read the rest of this post »

Office 365 Pro Plus Admin – ‘Branch’ Update Types

As an Office Pro Plus, “Click-to-Run” administrator or enthusiast we’re familiar how this new wave of application delivery when it comes to Office 2013 or 2016, has turned both the application delivery and updating arena on its head.

No more traditional hefty “MSI” install and long waiting time and also no long updating through the traditional WSUS or Windows Updates.

While this is a speedy much needed revelation for end users and administrators – it has caused quite a challenge when it comes to updating these clients. Here I will explain what the ‘branch’ terms mean when referring to an update cycle if you have Microsoft controlling your updates.

First the branch terminology, there are three types:

  • Current Branch
  • Current Branch for Business
  • First Release for Current Branch for Business

Now here’s what they actually mean in a time and feature sense: Read the rest of this post »

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Importance of the Cloud: Scaling, IaaS, PaaS

There’s always been a level of redundancy built into large Production or even smaller mission critical systems. Scaling out is the answer to both by adding additional compute resources as well as increase the overall uptime reliability of a system. This principle is no different when it comes to the cloud, than it is on-premises. The terms “cloud scale” and “internet scale” are thrown around a lot without really defining what they mean. In this article we’ll discuss what the aforementioned terms mean and how they relate to cloud computing. Read the rest of this post »

Perficient to Speak at Nintex’s Inaugural InspireX

Nintex, a valued partner of Perficient, is hosting its first customer and partner event February 22-24, 2016 at ARIA Resort in Las Vegas.

Matt Morse, general manager of modern applications within the Microsoft group at Perficient, will lead a breakout session on hybrid solutions using Nintex and Office 365. Most organizations with investments in Office 365 and Nintex have needs provided by other cloud platforms, as well as business applications that run within their own data centers. This session will show how Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms can help bridge this heterogeneous environment, creating seamless user experiences that cross application and platform boundaries. Perficient will:

  1. Communicate the tenet that success in a process-oriented environment is driven more by user experience than by where the software is running.
  2. Demonstrate the ability of the cloud-based version of Nintex to integrate with other cloud platforms and with on-premises scenarios.
  3. Demonstrate the ability of Microsoft’s Azure platform to provide a vehicle for extending Nintex capabilities beyond Office 365 and other cloud platforms.

InspireX will provide customers and partners with valuable best practices, inspiring customer success stories, and fun networking opportunities.  Register today to see how Perficient and Nintex work together.


Perficient & Microsoft Move Kraft Heinz to Office 365

Earlier in 2015 H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group combined in a $46 billion deal to create Kraft Heinz Company – now the 3rd largest food company in North America, the 5th largest in the world, and over $29 billion in net sales in 2014. That’s a lot of numbers. With a lot of numbers, come a lot of people that need to work together. This is where Perficient and Microsoft come into play.

Prior to the merger, Heinz realized that in order to allow employees to communicate and collaborate across its global environment it would need to make a move to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. The company engaged Microsoft and Perficient to roll out the Office 365 solution using Click-to-Run to very quickly deploy to over 14,000 users across 32 countries in just 10 weeks. For the full customer case study please click here to learn how Perficient and Microsoft worked together to make this solution possible for Kraft Heinz. Further, watch the video below to see the solution in action.

Look for future posts for a more detailed technical overview of how Perficient and Microsoft worked together to move Kraft Heinz to Office 365.

Register Today for an Office 365 Custom Dev Workshop

Perficient and Microsoft invite you to join us for a day-long Office 365 custom development workshop at the Microsoft MTC on February 10th.

We’ll provide an overview of the platform, discuss best practices, and deconstruct a sample custom application. During the hands-on lab you’ll have the opportunity to deploy your own customization using the Add-In model. In addition, there will be time to network with your peers as well as Perficient and Microsoft product experts.

For more information, please contact Cate White at

Registration is limited, so RSVP today.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Microsoft MTC, Cambridge
255 Main Street | Cambridge, MA 02142