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Mobile Meetup with Mobile Enthusiasts in Chicago

This past Thursday, I attended a Mobile Meetup hosted by Solstice Consulting and I felt it was very engaging and interactive. Many topics were covered ranging from mobile UX/UI to cross-platform development to marketing an application. The meetup was run in an Open Space Technology format. This enabled there to be many topics discussed in smaller groups that could delve more deeply into a single topic rather than the discussion barely covering a broader variety of topics.

As someone who has not done any mobile development, I found it very interesting to listen and discuss topics with those that have extensive mobile development experience. The participants in the event ranged the gambit of experience with mobile development from those like myself that have not developed for the mobile platform to those that have written several apps on various platforms. There was also a wide variety in occupations that the participants had from developers to lawyers to recruiters, and all of them were welcome and encouraged to ask questions and bring any insight they could from there experience interacting with mobile native and web applications.

I participated in the UX/UI discussion as I have very little exposure to the UX/UI necessities for any application. The discussion started by talking about the tenants of good mobile design such as simplicity, engagement, intuitiveness, and addictiveness. From there the discussion progressed to a conversation on the differences between the design and preference of native applications and web applications. The difference was narrowed down to the question of where reach or richness of the application was preferred. The final topic that we covered was what we saw as the future of mobile applications. The consensus of the group was that a significant area that mobile applications will cover in the future is data aggregation and augmented reality.

The Mobile Meetup is a great way for anyone that has an interest in the mobile platform to learn what the current trends are in the market and what is necessary to be successful with your mobile application.

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