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Adding a Global Filter to the NewsGator Social Sites 2010 Activity Stream Web Part


To add a global filters in the Activity Stream Web Part are available to all users of the social networking site, editing the ActivityStream.js file located in the {14}/TEMPLATE/LAYOUTS/NG/Scripts folder is needed.

The ActivityStream.js file created the filter list on page load. The filters call the ActivityFeed.svc web service to retrieve the data from the database. The ActivityFeed.svc web service is located at {site}/_vti_bin/ng/activityfeed.svc on sites with NewsGator installed. Adding a new filter to the global filter list show above will require adding a line of JavaScript code as shown below.


The “Filter Name” is simply the name of the filter that you want to display in the filter list of the Activity Stream Web Part. The “service call” is the call to the rest service that provides the data for the web part to display.

The REST calls can be made to the ActivityFeed web service can be found at {site}/_layouts/ng/default.aspx on sites with NewsGator installed.

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