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Installing PerformancePoint Monitoring Server on a Server Farm


I had recently been tasked to perform my first installation of PerformancePoint Monitoring Server 2007 onto a Server Farm. Most of my experience to date had been using the SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence suite (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and PerformancePoint), however, I had not yet had an opportunity to do much of the actual configuration and / or installation. This was especially true for installations pertaining to Server Farms.

The hope of this blog is to help someone else that is installing PerformancePoint Monitoring Server 2007 for the first time in a Server Farm.

The client configuration of the Server Farm I had to use is shown below:

Server Role





Web Front End Server #1


Dual 3.0GHz X 2


Win2003 x86 SP2

Web Front End Server #2


Dual 3.0GHz X 2


Win2003 x86 SP2

Index, App server


Dual 3.0GHz X 2


Win2003 x86 SP2

Database Server


Quad 3.4Ghz x 2


Win2003 x64 SP2 Enterprise

The Index Server had the MOSS 2007 installation, and the PerformancePoint Monitoring installation could have theoretically occurred on either the Index Server or the Database Server.

In short, I chose to install PerformancePoint on the Index Server. Once the installation was complete (i.e. all of the installation prerequisites were met and PerformancePoint was deployed and configured on the Index Server), I was able to view Dashboards from the Index Server, however, when I tried to hit the SharePoint dashboards via either one of the Web Front Ends I was getting one or both of the following errors.

Error 1:

Error 1

Error 2:

Error 2

Perhaps because I had never performed this type of installation before, I had trouble finding information on the web that seemed relevant to the errors that I was getting. However, it turned out that the solution was very simple to fix. The trick was simply to install the "Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services" on both of the web front ends.

The PerformancePoint installation had to be run on each of the front ends and the following option had to be selected…done and done.

For more detailed instructions on how to configure Monitoring Server in a distributed environment please view the MSDN article.

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