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Connecting Entourage 2008 to Exchange 2007

The purpose of this post is to hopefully help someone who is experiencing difficulty connecting an Entourage 2008 client to Exchange 2007, more specifically, with Exchange hosted on Windows Server 2008.
When the platform was Windows Server 2003 connecting an Entourage client was as easy as enabling WebDAV in IIS 6.0. With 2008 and IIS 7.0 WebDAV is not integrated into IIS anymore so it’s not as simple as setting the security to ‘Allowed’. So I went through the new process of downloading, installing and configuring WebDAV on my 2008 server. This proved to be a futile attempt and my Entourage client could never connect. I scoured the web for anything I could find regarding my problem. I tried many of the suggestions but the forum posting that caught my eye was one saying you didn’t even need WebDAV to connect the client. I made a few simple changes to my CAS server’s Exchange and Exchweb sites and voila, it worked.
Below are the changes made to the CAS server and settings for the Entourage client. I hope this helps someone else having trouble getting connected.
First, on the CAS server you’ll need to make sure the Exchange and Exchweb sites are configured for forms-based authentication and the logon format is UPN.
Then make sure the Mailbox server’s sites have Basic and Windows Authentication enabled.
And finally, on the Entourage client…

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