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Random Client-Side Kerberos issues with PerformancePoint Scorecards

After recently deploying PerformancePoint Scorecards within SharePoint, we’ve noticed some client computers (end-users) could not connect to these scorecards. As an example, we have had a filter on the scorecard that would produce an error of: “No Selections available. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Contact the administrator for more details.” The scorecard also continued to say “Updating…”, after seeing this error on the filter.

While continue to diagnose this issue, we noticed that certain computers could access the scorecards, while other computers could not. In fact, we were able to determine that it really wasn’t necessarily a user, but a machine coupled with a user issue. After doing some research on Kerberos, we noticed that some users did not have the “” field entered, within Active Directory. For whatever reason, this field was left blank for some users.

After populating this field, we made one other change that impacted how the machine connected to the network. We noticed that some workstations would not pass Kerberos tickets. It was discovered that these machines were logging on with cached credentials. The reason why they were logging on with cached credentials was due to the fact that the networking services did not initialize right away for these machines. We made a group policy change that enforced the computer to wait for the networking services, before authentication occurred.

After making these two changes the scorecards, once not available, were now accessible from any workstation and any user that was authorized to view them.

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