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Generating CHM files from embedded comments in .NET

I was working on a task recently that required some documentation, and I looked for an old friend, NDoc, which I had used in the past — but only with .NET 1.x projects, apparently.
As it turns out, I’m a couple of months behind the times, and the primary developer is not going to pursue development on NDoc 2.0 for various reasons. At least one of the reasons that Kevin opted not to continue development was the announcement of the release of Sandcastle from Microsoft, which performs exactly the same function.
I downloaded the December 2006 CTP of Sandcastle, and found it to be thoroughly vexing — and I’m not a batch file novice. The documentation is rough and the examples filled with inaccuracies. All of this is not so much to knock Microsoft — it’s very early code, after all — but to praise Eric Woodruff for the Sandcastle Help File Builder which adds a very NDoc-ish UI over the Sandcastle binaries and makes documentation creation very easy.

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