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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

3 Ways Cloud Can Change Education

I started kindergarten back in 1993, a simpler time for technology. Today’s brand names like Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay were still very nascent, and Internet pioneer Netscape was 3 years away from going public. For elementary schools like mine, simply having computers was an accomplishment and mine displayed theirs proudly. Throughout elementary school, computer curriculum […]

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Deciding which Predictive Maintenance Tools to use First

It has been my experience that when applying the proper predictive tools strategies to critical assets, it gets confusing about where to apply capital expense, training, and people. Here are 3 factors to help determine which predictive maintenance tool to use first: Always start with the asset life cycle plan (6 months, 6 years, etc). […]

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Delivering Seamless Digital Experiences that Drive Revenue

Today’s market challenges even the seasoned digital leader. In today’s digital era, organizations need to unify the customer experience from the web site to the traditional online store and transform uninspiring transactions into compelling commerce experiences. 80% of the companies believe they deliver a superior experience to their customers, but customers state only 8% of companies […]

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How to Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Deployment

According to research firm Gartner, 50% of enterprises will have a hybrid cloud deployment by 2017. Hybrid cloud is currently the most popular type of cloud right now, offering a mix of public and private cloud services while serving as a transition for enterprises who are warming up to the benefits of cloud computing. For […]

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The Importance of Omni-Channel Order Management for e-Commerce

Ninad Minelkar from Perficient presented a case study at IBM Amplify about Omni-Channel Order Management at National Geographic.  National Geographic is a global organization which provides 11,000 grants to scientists and do global outreach to 450 million people in 171 countries.  They send out 25 million catalogs per year as part of their commerce. National […]

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Digital Transformation of Florida Blue’s Customer Experience

    Phani Kanakala, Florida Blue’s Web and Mobile Manager and Glenn Kline, Principal at Perficient spoke at IBM Amplify about Florida Blue’s transformation of their customer experience.  A dinosaur video clip started the talk and Glenn related how companies are either going to be a digital predator or digital prey.  If you are a […]

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Is microservice a difficult architecture ?

Moving from traditional monolithic architecture to microservice architecture is a journey.  There are many challenges moving towards the microservice culture and design. Microservices is an architectural style where a system is divided into a set of small services. As Conway’s law suggests, architecture and teams structure go in pairs. Microservice design pattern expects some organizational […]

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Optimize the Customer Experience with Digital Intelligence

  At IBM Amplify, James McCormick, a Principal Analyst at Forrester discussed how to use Digital Intelligence to optimize your customer experiences. First, James defined what is Digital intelligence – its just digital analytics, which is really just web analytics. The age of the customer is upon us, brought on by the winds of digital […]

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IBM Amplify 2016: IBM Marketing Cloud enhances experiences

Jeff Paxton from MetLife – the largest insurance company in the US – spoke about what they are doing in this area of cognitive computing.  MetLife has 100m customers. 3-4 years ago MetLife embarked on a customer-centric journey.  They wanted to give choice to the customer and make it easier for them to work with […]

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Join us for Craft and Cloud in Charlotte on May 24th

Are you a technology leader looking for innovative solutions to your organization’s challenges around cloud? Are you sold on the cloud but unsure about how to migrate and with which solutions? Finally, do you enjoy a glass of beer while figuring out your information technology strategy? If you answered yes to all three questions and live […]

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