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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

How to On-Ramp into the Hybrid Cloud

In past posts, we’ve written about why you should consider and how to optimize hybrid cloud for your technology needs. It goes without saying that as we examine the technology landscape today, the business case for hybrid cloud is stronger than ever, with nearly 80% of enterprises committing to adoption by 2017. Transitioning to a hybrid cloud stack […]

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Transforming Healthcare IT with UrbanCode Deploy

Medical technology management is just as complicated as the medical care that doctors provide, consisting of numerous ins and outs. As hospitals continue to innovate on how they care for patients, they also run into roadblocks preventing them from transitioning from the past and into the future. This challenge was specific to a leading nationwide […]

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Building Patient Portals with IBM Digital Experience

With summer right around the corner, many of us will find ourselves staying active outside deep into the summer evening. Whether we are swimming in a lake we’ve frequented since childhood or hitting baseballs at the park, the risk of injury is always something to make note of. For hospitals who must deal with those […]

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Seamless Digital Commerce Experiences that Drive Revenue

As buyers, we communicate with brands using an increasing number of devices via an ever-growing range of digital channels. We go online for many reasons. Sometimes we’re seeking information and other times we want to be entertained. Many times we’re researching brands and buying products. For the digital marketer, this habitual action offers incredible opportunities. […]

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Is Cloud the Driving Force Behind Digital Disruption?

The year was 2000. With the turn of the new Millennium came new hope for business and technology, boosted by new innovations in online commerce and web development. Though smartphones and social networks were four years away, many felt like the world was on the cusp of even more change than the previous 20 years. […]

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Interview: Getting Started with the Innovation Lab

Migration to the cloud is a challenge for many organizations. Between selecting the appropriate solution, training employees, and integrating technology into day-to-day activities, business leaders find themselves facing a long laundry list of items. We understand this challenge and have developed the Innovation Lab to ease the transition. To understand where the cloud industry is […]

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How Cognitive Cloud Transforms How We Shop

In a blink of an eye, spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. Many of us will be not only shopping for our vacation getaway but also bringing friends and family together for those cool summer evenings around the barbecue. Personally, I’m a fan of experiences. On the other hand, finding a […]

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Content-Driven Commerce & Digital Transformation

June 28th Webinar: Content-Driven Commerce and its Impact on Digital Transformation: Register Below! With all the interactive devices at our disposal (computers, smart devices, tablets, in-store display, etc.), combined with an increasing number of digital services (social media, content subscriptions, branded content, eCommerce), digital consumers have never had so many options. And they’re also a […]

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Cleaning up IT Operations with IBM UrbanCode

Let’s face it, managing IT operations can sometimes be comparable to pulling teeth. Between managing existing technology assets and updating to new ones, CIOs can find themselves overwhelmed with the options before them. With new technology stacks like the cloud coming into play, stacks can be further complicated. This was the story of a leading […]

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Join us for the Science of IoT on June 14

The Internet of Things has taken the Life Sciences industry by storm, challenging norms, the status quo, standards, barriers, and most notably, regulated constraints. IoT solutions are already dramatically impacting and improving processes around clinical trials, biotech, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturing. To examine the evolving role of IoT in the industry, IBM’s Watson IoT […]

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