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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

How to Tie Event Marketing with Your Digital Experience

Every Fall, the calendars of marketing managers across the country fill up with invitations to conferences and trade-shows. Lured by the promise of sales, networking, swag bags, and more, many of these conferences bring together industry professionals to push forward thought leadership, new products, and ideas. Planning a conference is hard work, requiring the collaboration […]

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Edge Computing is the Post-Cloud Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

According to Moore’s Law, computing power doubles every 18 months, which means that society experiences new waves of every innovation almost every two years. We’ve seen this happen with mobile phones and personal computers, and will be seeing this soon with cloud computing with the concurrent rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). This phenomenon […]

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K-12 Education’s Future Lies in the Cloud

Though high school was more than a decade ago, I still maintain contact with many of my teachers through Facebook. Around this time of the year, many of them begin ramping up for the school year, commenting on the assigning of homework, the personalities of their classes, and the hopes the term will bring. A […]

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Recap: Deliver Cognitive Customer Service with IBM Watson

Yesterday, we held a webinar featuring Christine Livingston (Perficient, IBM Watson Director) and Dean Upton (Blueworx, Product Management) around the delivery of customer service using IBM Watson. With self-service platforms becoming popular among global organizations, our webinar served as an informative dialogue around information and best practices. Check out our summary below: Our webinar also […]

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How Cities of the Future Can Embrace Digital Transformation

As a child, I watched re-runs of The Jetsons, an animated sitcom imagining city life several centuries into the future. Filled with automated appliances and flying cars, the cartoon gave me a boundless imagination of what cities could be. As we enter into the second decade of the 21st century, city living is more popular […]

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Tool Management and Having the Right Tools at the Right Time

This weekend I was performing work on one of my vehicles, which involved removing many layers of interior parts to clean and then returning the parts to their original locations and specifications. As my wife helped, and we worked on the project I said to her, “You know honey, if you ever needed a gift […]

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Deliver Cognitive Customer Service with IBM Watson Webinar

One of the many exciting things about our Maximo practice is being part of so much more (Watson, IoT, Analyitcs, etc).  As we live in an age of constant change and new technologies, I can’t help but think how something like this use case for IBM Watson could come into play with customers; maintenance staff […]

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Maximo Webinar: Field Services Management

Are you looking for another option to use with IBM Maximo and missed the presentation at Maximo World this year? Click here for the presentation, which might have some overlap to an upcoming webinar, Field Service Management using Maximo. Field Service Management (FSM) gives organizations the ability to optimally plan and dispatch field resources and their […]

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How Cloud and DevOps are Transforming Entertainment

This month, millions of Americans will flock to cavernous stadiums around the country to take part in the annual ritual of football games. Attracted by the sounds of bone-crushing hits and unmatched athletic feat, football has been in the American consciousness for the past half-century, bringing together everyone from Midwestern small towns to large metropolises. […]

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Configuring Event Monitoring in IIB using Monitoring profile

  Overview Monitoring profile helps you to customize the events emitted by message flow’s node level at run time. Transaction and terminal events are the two major types of events emitted by the message flow. Transaction events are emitted only from input nodes E.g., MQInput and FileInput. Terminal events are emitted from terminals of any […]

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