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digital transformation

Technology is disrupting everything, but businesses are not exactly keeping pace. In order to stay relevant and competitive, organizations must invest in people and technology to find new ways to engage with employees and their customers. In order to stay competitive in the digital era, the demanding marketplace requires that you evolve faster, become more efficient and focus on the customer experience. You must embrace new strategies, new technologies and a new psychology in order to stay relevant and be successful.

To be successful it is imperative that you grasp the importance of digital transformation and identify it as a key initiative moving into the future. Perficient helps our clients embrace digital transformation and provide solutions that will give them the competitive edge they need to be successful. One of these solutions, IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform for digital transformation that enables organizations to be faster and more efficient when it comes to development and deployment of applications.

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform for digital transformation that enables developers to quickly develop and deploy applications in an open cloud platform. Bluemix offers over 200 available services that developers can integrate with their applications. Built on cloud foundry open source technology, Bluemix enables an easier application development with Platform as a Service (PaaS). Utilizing this service and software, developers can build, test, and deploy custom applications. In order to simplify application delivery, it provides services that are ready for immediate hosting and use that will enable internet scale development. Bluemix enables:Screen Shot

  • Utilization of apps your way
  • Secure connection of existing API’s or infrastructure
  • Ability to scale more than just instances
  • Deployment and management of hybrid apps

In 2015, Perficient was invited to participate in a global hackathon hosted by Citibank that was designed to accelerate mobile banking innovation by bringing together the most talented and creative developers to create cutting-edge solutions. Utilizing mobile, cloud, IoT and robotics, our team of experts sought to find new pathways to automate interconnected systems. Adopting IBM Bluemix and other programs, our team to the challenge and created an award winning application.

To learn more about our success with Citi Mobile click here!

To learn how to accelerate and simplify your cloud development with IBM Bluemix, you can download the guide here!

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Top 10 Things to Know for IBM Connections Cloud

top10_speedometer-350Deploying IBM Connections in the cloud is a quick and cost efficient way to quickly start reaping business benefits and efficiency of IBM Connections.  The IBM Connect 2016 conference had a great session by IBM’s Manish Kataria, Top 10 Things to Know for Creating Successful Solutions Based on IBM Connections Cloud.  This had many great best practice tips from multiple perspectives including development, architecture, performance and more.  Key highlights are below.

1) Shifting Mindset from On-Premises to Cloud

  • You need an organization administrator and not a WebSphere administrator
  • Administration is available through the IBM Connections Cloud administrative page
  • Customization is still available (attributes and UI)

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IBM Connect 2016 – What’s New in WebSphere Portal and WCM

shutterstock_279329402_350One of the most popular sessions at IBM Connect every year is “What’s New in IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager.” This year John Boezeman, CTO of IBM Digital Experience,  gave us a great presentation on the innovations that have been delivered over the past year. This is all made possible by the continuous delivery capabilities foundational to verson 8.5.  Some of the new capabilities and focus areas include:

Cloud capabilities

  • Softlayer – You can deploy on the IBM cloud or an on premise cloud
  • IBM Digital Experience on Cloud is a fully managed implementation
  • Partner clouds are another option
  • Business services (SAAS) – An example includes mobile content management
  • More services are to come on Bluemix

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IBM Connect 2016 Opening General Session

IBMConnect2016_IBM Connect 2016 kicked off today (February 1st) with a two-part opening general session. The second part focused on new product capabilities, demos and product direction.

The first demo was IBM Verse, mobility and Connections as an integrated and seamless experience. The interface has been streamlined to include some great productivity capabilities.  Some of the items demonstrated are.

  • Sort emails by Connections communities
  • Integrated activity streams in a dashboard view
  • Analytics driven content
  • Simplified sharing tools which integrate security
  • Single source of truth for documents (Emails in a thread all point to the same document, not multiple versions emailed around)
  • Box integration (image attachments)
  • Watson integration into email (Scan an email prior to sending to look for negativity)
  • Calendar inbox capabilities

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Forrester Ranks IBM as Leader in Hybrid Cloud

65% cloud statIn a recent report, Forrester analyzed the hybrid cloud management solution market by evaluating the 11 top software providers on 32 criteria. While there are many paths to the cloud, hybrid cloud is increasingly the mode of entry for organizations with 65% of enterprise I&O decision makers saying they use more than one public and/or private cloud platform. Hybrid cloud allows technical professionals to get the infrastructure they need to agilely build applications across multiple platforms.

Forrester found three main functionalities needed by enterprises in a cloud solution:

  1. Management of expanding portfolios of public and private cloud platforms
  2. Enabling developers to build and run apps on multiple clouds
  3. Helping IT managers deliver, govern, and optimize multiple cloud platforms


Forrester identified 11 top vendors who provide the above functionality in their hybrid cloud offerings. Among them, IBM ranked as a leader with its offering providing a tight integration with developer-focused tooling. IBM’s hybrid cloud platform ranked well among competition for five key reasons: Read the rest of this post »

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4 steps to fix “MQRC 2393- SSL Initialization Error” on DataPower

This issue mainly occurs when DataPower MQ client tries to establish a SSL(2-way) connection with MQ server.

Here is the solution to fix this issue.

Step – 1 :  Ensure that correct certs have been configured in keystore of MQ queue manager object on MQ server.

Step – 2 :  Ensure that correct certs have been configured in CryptoIdentificationCredentials and CryptoValidationCredentials objects on DataPower.

Step – 3 : Get the Cipher details configured at Channel level and compare it with Cipher field in SSLProxyProfile object configured in MQ queue manager object on DataPower. In most of the cases, its value is DES-CBC3-SHA.

Step – 4 : Refresh the SSL Settings at Queue Manager level on MQ server and restart the channel.

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Create a Simple Internet-Connected Device with MQTT


Previously, I’ve written about MQTT’s role in the Internet of Things. As a next step, my goal for this blog is to create a temperature and humidity monitor which pushes updates via MQTT. To create a temperature and humidity monitor, we need to create an electronic circuit that monitors temperature and humidity as well as connects to the internet to push the updates. To meet this objective, we are going to use Arduino prototyping platform, with a temperature and humidity sensor called DHT22 and an Ethernet shield that can be used to connect the prototype to the internet.

What is Arduino?

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NRF 2016: IBM – What’s next in retail?

Retail Future

With all the devices and data, processes and people that exist, will all of these components become so intertwined that the digital world and physical world will become one? To what extent will engagement and analytical insights drive change throughout the value chain and in stores? Wil retailers be required to move beyond traditional legacy business models in order to find new ways to grow? At NRF 2016, IBM conducted a great session reporting their latest global research insights on the retail industry and its perspective into the future.

IBM Retail surveyed over 470 retailers on a customer experience index focusing on convenience, consistency, context and content. 41% of consumers are satisfied with the customer experience which means there is a LOT of room for improvement.

There are three megatrends that are continuing to drive change in major and emerging markets today: Read the rest of this post »

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Moving Beyond Traditional Content in Commerce – NRF 2016

Sessions Commerce6

I attended a session at NRF that discussed how to reinvent content in commerce and explore how current retailers are moving beyond the traditional site and marketing content to improve customer engagement, expand their reach and increase sales. Examining new tactics and strategies, the session illustrated how brands and retailers are leveraging consumer-generated content to accelerate sales and be a step ahead of the competition. Content is extremely important today because of consumer engagement and building your brand awareness and conversion:

Today’s Facts:

  • Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago
  • 4 – # of content pieces a consumer engages with prior to making a purchase
  • Content sources are shifting! 46% of Internet users consult social media when making a purchase decision
  • 70+% use three channels or more when researching a purchase

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NRF 2016 – Marketing Measurement


We have quite a team at NRF 2016 that is executing its last day today! In a recent blog post written by Ross Monaghan, Director of Digital Marketing, at NRF he discusses the importance of marketing measurements due the rapid growth of digital marketing and its effect on the overall marketing ecosystem. While an organization may receive a lot of data, the individuals that review this data may be overlooking the most important factors (KPI’s) that are used to measure the impact of specific marketing impacts. A session conducted by the Retail Industry Director at Google, Julie Krueger, focused on what the main focuses should be when it comes to measurement:

  1. Define the objectiveof each marketing tactic – don’t default to thinking that everything will directly drive a sale.

  2. Align the measurementfor each tactic to the objective you are trying to achieve – don’t judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree.

  3. Identify the influencers + stakeholders in your organization and get their buy-in on the measurement plan before you run.

Although it may sound simple, Julie noted that they have to leverage their advice with their customers in the retail industry on a daily basis.

Click here to read more on marketing measurement!

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