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How To: Message Selectors in WMB & WMQ as JMS Publish Subscriber

WebSphere MQ, when used as a JMS provider, can be leveraged to implement one of the widely used architecture patterns, the Pub-Sub model. In this use case, we have a message flow as the service provider that connects to WMQ publisher and another consumer message flow that uses WMQ topics as a subscriber within WebSphere Message Broker. Here message selectors are used as filter criteria for a given topic string. The steps below will guide you through the implementation of the use case.

Create Topic to Publish Messages

1. Create Topic to publish messages: Expand QM (MQ Explorer) -> Select “Topics” -> New -> Topic

New Topic
Create JMS Administered Objects

1. Create initial context under “JMS Administered Objects” ->”Add Initial Context.” Read the rest of this post »

The 21 Hottest Toys to Buy Now as Determined by IBM Watson

This week, IBM released the IBM Watson Trend app that uses the power of IBM Watson to help you buy the hottest gifts for everyone  on your list.

Watson isn’t programmed. It learns. It has been used for clinical trials, oncology and more and has the ability to learn a subject and then answer questions about it.

“Because IBM Watson understands human language, it can intelligently analyze millions of conversations across social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings, and reviews. Watson interprets language with all of the nuance of a human being—including content, context, and sentiment—at a volume that humans cannot.”

Forming a partnership between humans and computers, the IBM Watson Trend app can keep you up to date on the hottest trending items on your list this year.

 The list updates continuously to ensure that you always know the hottest gifts, but these are the top 21 toys right now:


Lego cityLego City

The Story Behind the Trend: Kids use the beloved Lego City bricks to build, maintain, and govern their own cities with alarmingly accurate detail. More realistic and less fantastical than other Lego themes, City sets appeal to boys and girls equally, tapping into the nationwide gender-neutral toy movement. City is truly a mainstay of the brand: its origins trace back to Lego Town, which was introduced alongside the first Lego mini figures way back in 1978.

Topics of online discussion include the latest City releases announced in October and the advent calendar, a favorite among families during the month of December.

Conversation around Lego City is over-indexed (disproportionately high) in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

“City is the oldest LEGO theme. It’s been around since before minifigures existed. It’s been running strong for more than fifty years now.”

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Cognitive Commerce



What are top business leaders looking for? Innovation. Innovation that will help give them an edge above their competitor and differentiate them from the rest of the pack. However, nothing is easy and it can be very difficult to find those hidden opportunities that can boost a company ahead of others. With the digital age, we have a sea of information at our fingertips but the data itself doesn’t necessarily get a business very far. It is not the data itself but the insights that a company can get from the information and how they utilize it to get results they need.

Data is a “new natural resource”. – Ginni Rometty, IBM President & CEO

IBM Watson helps businesses harness this data to provide a significant and deep impact on the commerce world:

  • Cognitive operations and processes – enables a business to gain a competitive edge and move beyond responsiveness to a predictive, synchronized value chain that lessens risk and reveals hidden opportunities/relationships/connections
  • Deeper human engagement – it is all about customer experience!! Enables brands to know and improve engagement with their customers so they can respond at the right time, moment and with the right experience billions of times a dayIBM Commerce

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Perficient SME to Discuss Asset Management in the Information Age

shutterstock_284776643_350Join Perficients’ Dave Reiber for a webcast, sponsored by Plant Engineering Magazine, to talk about the fast-changing landscape of Asset Management. The title for the talk is “Predictive Maintenance Strategy Without CMMS.” He will discuss an altered view of what is going on, in the age of “Internet of Things.” Traditional methods become ineffective or inadequate. New data requirements and regulatory mandates force us into a deeper dive into Strategic Analysis.

This webcast takes a closer look at what we will see, and what will be expected of us as Maintenance Professionals. It is important to note, that the Future Maintenance Professional & the Future Maintenance Asset, significantly change the current landscape of how things get done. Webcast will address how a Future Asset should behave, which tools are available now, and what should be expected from our Maintenance Professionals moving forward.

DATE – Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. CT/11 a.m. PT
Register –

Join Perficient @ 2015 IMUG Meeting


Join us at the 2015 IMUG …

The Indianapolis Maximo User Group provides a forum for Maximo users/experts to collaborate on their experiences and uses of IBM Maximo through workshops, member presentations, and networking.

Join us for IMUG 2015 where you will hear presentations and updates from IBM and Maximo users regarding Maximo 7.6, the future roadmap, recommendations on upgrading Maximo, Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ), and Maximo reporting/analytics.

This is a great opportunity to network and share with Maximo peers!

Hosted by CBRE, sponsored by Perficient, and located at Eli Lilly:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Eli Lilly
Building 301-MP A&B
1200 W. Morris St.
Indianapolis, IN 46221


Inventory Management – Tracking Halloween Candy?


Rather silly question, perhaps: Who’s using Asset Management software to track the amount of candy they hand out tomorrow as Inventory Usage? Can’t really consider it an inventory transfer between storerooms now can we?

While most people probably won’t use inventory or asset management software for simple household transactions, businesses are turning to more complex solutions to help manage stock merchandise, assets and purchase patterns. Enterprise asset management software like IBM Maximo can dramatically improve these processes to prevent unnecessary expenses or incorrect orders. In the case of Halloween candy, no one wants to be the house that runs out of candy halfway through the night.

To improve asset management capabilities, many companies are turning to predictive analytics, with solutions such as IBM’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality to extend the life of assets. These solutions help make sense of vast logs of machine and asset data. Check out a recent webinar for more information on how companies are using advanced analytics with their asset management to improve operations.

Advanced Analytics for All

Untitled design (7)IBM’s Advanced Analytics story is now powerful yet simple. It focuses on ALL!

Hybrid (heterogeneous architectures), trust (ensuring end-to-end accuracy and trust in the entire system), and agility (speed of thought analysis) are the core principles for this transformation to IBM’s Analytics portfolio. The product stack comprises Cognos Analytics, Watson Analytics, and Spark sparking SPSS for Predictive.

With an incredible built-in Search facility that understands the context you are in, Cognos BI just got better being rebranded as Cognos Analytics, by enabling smarter self-service analytics and self-initiated discovery and visualization.

Watson Analytics takes the bias/subjectivity out of the analytical journey by enabling the Citizen Data Scientist and other Business Users to statistically interrogate the data. Detecting trends, patterns and anomalies just got a lot simpler.

IBM Predictive Analytics now empowers the new multi-dimensional Citizen Data Scientist with the open source-driven (Spark) SPSS framework. Their Predictive story just became more personalized, intuitive, managed and above all, powerful.

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Redefining Data Management – Open, Hybrid & Simplified

In a bid to win the race to Insight, IBM itself has undergone a major transformation in its Data and Analytics product portfolio. At #IBMInsight, IBM Executives each day organized several Keynotes and Super Sessions to unveil their ever-evolving approach to modern day data architecture, where Analytics and Cloud are integral components of a transformational data infrastructure.

IBM’s Data Platform now reflects the convergence of “smart” Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data paradigms, Cognitive and Natural Language Processing along with Cloud technologies. IBM Data and Analytics Platform is now built on Spark (bringing that Open Source flexibility and feasibility to the Enterprise), supports hybrid architectures (on premise and on the cloud) with agility built into the simplicity of this transformed data infrastructure.

One of the coolest features of this platform is self-initiated Discovery using natural language to interrogate and interact with the underlying data structures. Additionally, instant fusion of temporal and geospatial awareness and single-click integration with an existing Data Warehouse or Repository make this Platform very alluring from a personalization and customer-centricity standpoint.

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Insight is the New Currency

The message at #IBMInsight this week was loud and clear, “Insight is the new currency”, and therefore, organizations must strive to lead, and not just compete, in this “Insight Economy”. The companies that will leverage data in its totality (“big” and “small”) combined with cognitive computing and analytics will be the intelligent brokers of game changing information paradigms.

Analytics along with Big Data technologies are greatly fueling this insight economy, and hybrid cloud architectures, in turn, are facilitating the unlocking of newer business models. These three mega-trends continue to converge in an IoT world, thereby, bringing about a major business model disruption for companies of all sizes. Organizations that ride this wave of massive transformation and become an intelligently cognitive, data-driven company will be the leaders in economy.

Over the course of the week, several exciting examples were brought forth of companies that are on their way to embracing this 4-dimensional transformation. Coca Cola (taking precision marketing and audience segmentation to the next level), GoMoment (building Cognitive Hotels), VineSleuth (helping consumers find the perfect bottle of wine) and StatSocial (creating holistic, personalized consumer profiles for Retailers), presented some amazing ways of how they continue to strive to disrupt their respective industries and markets.

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Perficient honored with top IBM Analytics Award at Insight


Saturday evening, at the start of IBM’s Insight conference, Perficient was presented with the Worldwide Analytics Business Partner of the Year award. This award encompasses all solutions under IBM’s Analytics software brands, including Business Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, Information Management, Big Data and Watson.

We’re thrilled that IBM continues to recognize our significant investment and expertise in Analytics solutions. Just last month, Perficient announced the acquisition of Market Street Solutions, a firm specializing in the development, implementation, integration and support of IBM Analytics. The addition of Market Street allowed Perficient to better serve our customers through expanded big data and analytics expertise and an increased geographic footprint in the southeastern U.S.

This is the second year in a row that Perficient has taken home a premier IBM partner award at Insight, winning the Worldwide Business Partner Excellence Award for Big Data and Analytics in 2014. Earlier this year Perficient also won the prestigious Beacon Award for an Outstanding Information Management Solution.

If you’re attending IBM Insight, we hope to see you at the opening reception this evening and throughout the week. Stop by Perficient booth #751 to meet with the team and hear about our exciting award-winning solutions. We have a great line-up of activities planned during the conference and we encourage you to check out our events and sessions.