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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

Debunking the Fears of Cloud Computing

Halloween brings out a lot of scary things, from a gas light in the middle of nowhere to the smell of expired milk. For CIOs who are still waiting, that fear is the potential spook of cloud computing. In my industry reading and conversations with the occasional industry colleague, I will run across someone who […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Application Development Failure

Today’s businesses move at the speed of agility, stopping for nobody. In particular, what happens in the greater economy is unstoppable, whether it’s a socioeconomic shift or the unexpected launch of a competitor’s product. Internally, however, things are far different. Organizations with technology commitments have a small window for error. Gone are the days where customers […]

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Perficient Shares Experiences at World of Watson Opening Panel

Today kicks off World of Watson 2016, the latest evolution of IBM’s premier data and analytics conference. During the opening session for the partner summit, Perficient was asked to share our experiences with the Watson portfolio, since we were one of the first participants in the partner ecosystem for Watson. Christine Livingston, Perficient’s Watson Practice […]

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Voting for a Government in the Cloud

Presidential election years are always fun for me. Amid the pomp, circumstance, and political theater is the hope that our nation will choose a capable individual to lead us into an auspicious future. In the months leading up, I do what I can to attend rallies, speak to fellow voters, and get informed on all […]

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Achieve End-to-End Innovation with WebSphere Application Server 9

Earlier this summer, IBM launched WebSphere Application Server 9, their latest innovation enabling developers to accelerate application development and scalability. The easy-to-use platform has numerous capabilities that serve the retail, finance, and healthcare sectors, particularly for microservices which help organizations attain agility and nimbleness. With the cloud being a major driving force behind digital disruption and […]

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Innovating with Money in the Cloud

Though it’s only October, thoughts of gumdrops and sugarplums are already on the minds of retailers. A trip to a retail store reveals Christmas decorations and products already up, complete with the trimmings of wreaths, lights, and more. Undoubtedly, the 4th quarter of the year is also when retailers make the majority of their revenue […]

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Top 6 Reasons to Consider Perficient for IBM Software

Software offerings and configurations are growing in complexity, as companies are looking to purchase licenses as efficiently as possible, while maximizing the return to their organization. To add to this complexity, platforms are available on-premises, hybrid and in the cloud. Software-as-a-Service and Bridge-to-Cloud can help optimize IT environments, but licensing structures can be dramatically different […]

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5 Ways Cloud is Changing Transportation

As a child, the act of reading road maps was fascinating to me. Weaving my fingers through freeway interchanges and local roads was immensely fun and enjoyable as much as running outside to play on the grass of my parents’ backyard. Even after college, I briefly toyed with pursuing an urban planning and development degree […]

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4 Tips for a Successful Cloud Plan

It’s no surprise that to be successful at anything, you simply have to start. While this is easier said than done especially for large enterprise organizations, the goal of simply moving forward is sometimes enough for innovation. Cloud adoption fits this example perfectly. For many leaders, the journey into the cloud is confusing, while others slide […]

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Creating IBM Websphere MQ components from batch file

As an IBM Websphere MQ administrator we come across several situations where in we need to create a lot of IBM Websphere MQ components as a part of an implementation and creation of these components manually could be a tedious job which might also be prone to errors sometimes. To overcome this tedious work, we […]

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