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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

IBM Named Leader by Forrester for Web Content Management

As a marketing manager, I understand the full importance of content in the buyer’s journey. Depending on where awareness occurs, a customer could either be getting to know the solution I’m promoting, interested in adoption, or curious about the sale. Either way, it’s up to me to provide the information in a compelling, useful, and […]

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Think Pink – The Future of IBM Connections

IBM Connect 2017 provided insights into the future of IBM Connections known as Connections Pink.  Jason Roy Gary, Director of Engineering and Distinguished Engineer and Baan Slavens, Senior Offering Manager provided insights as to what is to come in the future. The upcoming version of Connection will be a complete rewrite and not using any […]

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IBM Connect 2017 Opening General Session

IBM Connect 2017 kicked off today in San Francisco with the theme of Cognitive Workspaces and how IBM Watson will transform everyday work.  The opening general session was divided into two parts and highlighted key messages, shared customer stories, made announcements and of course showed some innovative demonstrations of accomplishments over the last year and […]

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Caterpillar Builds Its Brand Through Digital Transformation

The backbone of America’s economic engine lies in construction, particularly with the building of new residential and commercial properties. As the supplier of this backbone, construction companies play a key role to ensure that building supplies are moved and used. Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment faced this challenge as they […]

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How the Cloud Will Help You With Your Taxes

It’s the beginning of February, which means that tax season has begun. Mixed between the mess of W-2 forms and receipts are overwhelmed tax preparation professionals working towards the yearly April deadline while navigating through a complicated tax code. Whether you’re a first-time filer or have numerous done it many times before, missing a few […]

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Perficient wins Beacon Award for IBM Watson solution

We’re happy to announce that Perficient won the 2017 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Watson Solution, presented this week during IBM’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference. The Beacon Awards recognize select business partners who deliver exceptional IBM-based solutions that drive business value and transform the way clients and industries do business in the cognitive era. This year’s […]

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Installing IBM BPM v8.5.7 Standard on Ubuntu 14.04 (VirtualBox)

Downloads Install the latest VirtualBox software from Oracle – also download the Extension Pack. Download the software from the IBM Software Catalog Download the ISO file for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – DESKTOP from Ubuntu **Note: You can download the Server version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but you will either need to: Install a GUI desktop […]

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7 Things To Love About the Cloud

Valentine’s Day, despite its retail foundations, is a great day to reflect on what we are grateful for and the things we love. Even though not all of us will be giving or receiving chocolates and roses, there are still many other things to love, including cloud computing. Let us count the ways: Cloud is […]

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Elevate Your Innovation with DevOps in a Box

When Apple launched their iPhone nearly a decade ago, the proliferation of devices and subsequent innovation of mobile applications brought about an evolution in how everyday consumers interact with their technology. The arrival of their Application Store further created the paradox of choice as consumers found themselves with many options to connect with friends, do their […]

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The Future of Cloud is Vertical

My email inbox is filled with the latest research everyday with content around the evolution of cloud and its associated segments. Whether it’s a focus on a specific area (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, etc.) or a branch out towards an industry (IoT, AI, Mobile, etc.), the consensus among industry experts is that cloud is staking its […]

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