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15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know

Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know from Perficient, Inc. Health IT standards and health information interoperability are at the forefront of the healthcare industry.  There are many challenges, unanswered questions and interested parties when it comes to the development of health IT standards and interoperability in healthcare. While advocates and leaders of standards […]

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Hot Topic: Retail Strategy for Healthcare #HITsm Tweet Chat

Participants of a tweet chat hosted by HL7 Health Standards on Friday, March 6, certainly had a lot to say on the topic: A Real Retail Strategy for Healthcare. The hour-long session drew 104 healthcare professionals who posted 980 tweets in response to five questions centered how the industry could benefit from the retail industry’s […]

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It is time for Interoperability to catch fire! (FHIR® that is)

One of my healthcare consulting friends once said that interoperability was difficult because healthcare was interactional, not transactional.  The interactive nature of the healthcare organization and the patient foretells the complexity of integrating and sharing information that is so critical to reducing costs, increasing patient safety and streamlining productivity.  The challenge is inertia – we […]

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Quality Reporting Data Architecture (QRDA) Primer

One of the key ways to improve productivity in healthcare is to become more efficient at interoperability within a healthcare organization and between healthcare organizations.  Sharing quality reporting results is a good example of a healthcare area faced with challenges in interoperability and efficiency. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, the United […]

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EHRs, Analytics, Utilization and Population Health

Spurred on by Meaningful Use, there has been an explosion in the implementation of EHRs over the last several years.  This tidal wave has been sweeping through the healthcare community, sucking up much of the available bandwidth that organizations have to deal with change of this magnitude.  The effect is really no different than what […]

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The ABCs of the CCD – Part I of III

CCD is an acronym that stands for “Continuity of Care Document”.  The CCD is a file that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, which could have one of 3 different structure levels.  I will explain the various structure levels in Part III of this blog series.  A CCD contains patient related information that could be […]

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Is it time for Open Source in Healthcare?

From time to time, it is a good idea to re-evaluate potential IT architectures especially with the cost reduction pressures in healthcare IT.  The growth in maturity of several key players in the open source software arena is gaining the attention and respect of healthcare IT decision-makers and worth evaluation as a lower cost alternative. […]

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Facing and Overcoming the 2012 #HealthIT Challenges Amidst the End of the World – Part 2 of 2

In the first post of this 2 part blog we explored the big challenges with the demands that the ARRA HITECH and other compliance and regulatory impositions have impacted Healthcare IT: HIPAA’s Version 5010 conversion, ICD-10 migrations, Meaningful Use of EHRs and their Attestation and Accountable Care Organizations.  We also briefly touched the popular topic […]

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The Healthcare Domain Model: Where to start?

Let’s say you are tasked with modernizing an age old payer system with no documentation and it is business critical, with hundreds and thousands of lines of code: where would you start? Evaluation of technology stack, infrastructure, assessing the skill sets available, cost, etc. are all part of standard operating procedure, but we’ll save that […]

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Could EMR software make healthcare worse?

This post is based off of an interview posted on the IBM Impact Blog.  Visit us in the Industry Zone at IZ-4 or check out our IBM Impact landing page Widespread electronic medical record (EMR) adoption is hanging on hope that social and economic benefits will be received through the reduction of information silos in […]

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3 Reasons for using a Managed Private Cloud for Interoperability

Cloud computing is a popular topic in IT circles today, and with this year’s Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS, the cloud’s impact on Interoperability will be an interesting topic of discussion.  In healthcare circles, cloud computing conjures up fears for protecting private healthcare information and security concerns.  There is a business case for a special type of […]

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