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The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Teeter-Totter

The cyber-attack on Anthem, the nation’s second-largest health insurer, directly reflects the vulnerability of healthcare organizations, which are years behind other industries in regards to protecting personal information. In today’s healthcare industry, the federal government encourages sharing information across the continuum, which is critical to improving patient care. The challenge is the balancing act between […]

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Top 5 Technology Trends in Healthcare – October 2013

The healthcare IT field is rapidly developing and changing. Emerging technology and updated regulations put pressure on healthcare providers and health plans to stay ahead of the curve. Perficient creates a monthly list that explores some of the current topics and issues in health IT. This list examines the most talked about issues and technologies […]

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HIPAA and its Impact on Your Organization

I bet many of you have heard of HIPAA, but you may not realize its impact on you and your organization.  Personally, if you or a family member has been to see a physician in the last 10 year, you were presented with a HIPAA form to sign.  Professionally, if you work in healthcare, you […]

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Beauty Is In the Portal of the Beholder…Or Is It?

I was intrigued to review the entries for the New York eHealth Collaborative Portal Contest. Why would a physician be interested in patient portal design anyway? There are numerous reasons. First of all, I am fascinated by smart, eye-catching designs. Secondly, I believe that usability is directly related to design and this could significantly further […]

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Are you ready for the Mandated (ACA) Healthcare Operating Rules?

The 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its Section 1104 establishes a national healthcare operating rule mandate in support of the industry’s ongoing administrative simplification efforts. The first healthcare operating rule set, issued by CMS in July 2011, mandates the adoption of CAQH CORE Operating Rules for Eligibility and […]

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Choosing a Clearinghouse/VAN

Choosing your clearinghouse or VAN is a very important step, especially if you are in healthcare.  In healthcare you need to make sure they are HIPAA compliant, which means they will be able to handle all the mandated transaction sets.  Other industries have different requirements.  Whichever clearinghouse you choose, you need to make sure they […]

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Creating your EDI mapping layout

In the previous blog we discussed the importance of knowing your data and business requirement needs. This is one place where that becomes important. If you already know your needs it makes it much easier to start your data mapping. First you should contact your trading partner. They should have some type of functional specs […]

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The Importance of Being Earnest about Security in Healthcare, Part 2

First, let me start with questions I asked at the close of Part 1.  How does your organization manage security and its risks?  Do you have a governance process in place, is it comprehensive, requirements driven, with the risks communicated, understood and mitigation plans developed and reviewed?  Can you adequately answer these questions?  If you […]

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The Importance of Being Earnest about Security in Healthcare, Part 1

In Healthcare, we talk about how important security is, all the while secretly hoping and assuming that, as an organization, we’re in compliance and have all the appropriate safeguards in place.  When discussing compliance, at the very least this refers to the baseline set by the HIPAA Security Rule and the many contractual obligations we […]

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Will you protect PHI or Leave Patients Naked to the World?

Intimate medical details about your health is no longer stored safely in a dusty locked file cabinet.  Thanks to the HITECH Act of 2009, your private health information will end up in data files that hundreds of healthcare workers may have the ability to access.  However, in early 2003 the Department of Health and Human […]

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Were you ready for HIPAA 5010?

Hopefully everyone answered ‘yes’ and you had a smooth transition.  In this blog we will discuss some of the items we need to keep in mind when either transitioning or implementing EDI. Whether you are getting ready to transition to a new standard or initiating EDI for the first time, remember the most important thing […]

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Protecting Patient Data in an Interconnected Healthcare System

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.  (Hippocratic Oath) I recently read an article titled, “Protect Patient Data from an Inside Job” by Phil Neray of Health Management Technology, which stated, as many news organizations have, that in 2010 healthcare organizations were a  top target […]

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