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Business Intelligence from ICD-10: Are we ready?

The Federal Register outlines the following pros from comments received on the adoption of X12 Version 5010 for HIPAA Transactions: 1) reduction in analysis time and minimization of companion guides; 2) improved efficiency through improved eligibility responses and better search options, reducing phone calls to providers and health plans; 3) improved electronic posting, automation of […]

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AHIP Conference 2012: Day 1 Update

As referenced in the introduction to “America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Conference,” the decisions that will shape our nation’s health care are near. The Supreme Court Decision. The Presidential election. Implementation decisions within health plans that are shaping the delivery of care. The intent of the June 20-22 conference in Salt Lake City is to […]

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Were you ready for HIPAA 5010?

Hopefully everyone answered ‘yes’ and you had a smooth transition.  In this blog we will discuss some of the items we need to keep in mind when either transitioning or implementing EDI. Whether you are getting ready to transition to a new standard or initiating EDI for the first time, remember the most important thing […]

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The Healthcare Domain Model: Where to start?

Let’s say you are tasked with modernizing an age old payer system with no documentation and it is business critical, with hundreds and thousands of lines of code: where would you start? Evaluation of technology stack, infrastructure, assessing the skill sets available, cost, etc. are all part of standard operating procedure, but we’ll save that […]

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New White Paper! The HIT Trifecta: Meaningful Use, ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010

Inefficiencies are cited for contributing heavily to the spiraling costs associated with healthcare. Amazingly, much of the healthcare industry operates with ill-equipped, outdated technology systems which hamper efficiency and effectiveness. To remedy this problem, the government is incentivizing healthcare organizations to make substantial business changes that rely on sizable investments in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). […]

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How the Healthcare CIO Saves Lives: #1 Ensures Care is Given at the Correct Time

When we think of a Health IT project like Health Information Exchange, many focus on the technology-oriented aspects of designing, selecting, implementing, and managing a technology project. However, Health IT should ultimately be driven by the clinical goal of ensuring that the appropriate level of care is provided to patients in a timely manner.  By connecting […]

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Don’t Drop the ICD-10 Ball in the Regulatory Deadline Juggle

We are at the AHIP Conference this week, which is one of our favorite events of the year.  It is good fun to meet with the many tech-savvy professionals that make up the health insurance industry.  This year we meet as many regulatory pressures and deadlines are closing in, which is certain to ignite some excellent […]

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2011 AHIP Conference Trend Watch

The 2011 AHIP national conference  is almost here.  Our team will be out in San Francisco for the June 15-17 event.  With all of the changes we are witnessing in the health insurance industry, this year’s conference promises to address the many needs of conference attendees.  Whether it is meeting regulatory compliance issues or preparing for health […]

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BCBS Massachusetts HIPAA 5010 and Next Generation Capabilities

In this video Joel Thimsen of Perficient and Larry Rosen of BCBS of Massachusetts discuss the architecture of the next generation EDI and SOA solution in support of HIPAA 5010 and modernization of Blue Cross middleware infrastructure in support of scaling to next generation capabilities. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CVNBpDj23E&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube]

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3 Reasons for using a Managed Private Cloud for Interoperability

Cloud computing is a popular topic in IT circles today, and with this year’s Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS, the cloud’s impact on Interoperability will be an interesting topic of discussion.  In healthcare circles, cloud computing conjures up fears for protecting private healthcare information and security concerns.  There is a business case for a special type of […]

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