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#HIMSS16 Video: What Trends are Impacting Healthcare the Most?

The dynamics of healthcare are changing every day. At HIMSS16, CIO David Chou discusses trends that will impact the industry in the coming years. David (@dchou1107) has been named to several “Top Social CIO” and “CIOs to Know” lists. He is a visionary and resourceful leader with expertise in healthcare and digital technology and a […]

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How is Digital Transformation Impacting Healthcare? #HIMSS16

We chat with CIO David Chou (@dchou1107) at HIMSS16 about the impact digital transformation is having on the healthcare industry and what to expect in the next five years. David has 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has been named to several “Top Social CIO” and “CIOs to Know” lists. He is a visionary […]

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Infographic: 10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016

It is hard to believe we are in December already! Where has 2015 gone? We are still entrenched in the transformation of healthcare and it will be interesting to witness the continued evolution in 2016. One area that will continue to be a focal point for healthcare organizations is analytics and the ability to transform […]

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Is the Self-Driving Car the Health Achievement of the Century?

There are many ways to improve the health and longevity of humans, but one of the greatest transformations in public health could be in the form of an automobile. In a recent article in The Atlantic, researchers estimate that the driverless car could reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90 percent by the middle of the […]

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Healthcare CIO Series: The Evolving Role of the CIO

Healthcare CIO Series: Interviews with David Chou, CIO I am teaming up with CIO David Chou (@dchou1107), an executive with more than 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry to bring you a series of blog posts that provide a unique perspective on some of the healthcare industry’s biggest trends and challenges. David has […]

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Using Commerce to Enhance the Patient Experience

Recently, my colleague Heather Bowman, Marketing Manager, IBM Commerce and Digital Experience at Perficient published a blog post featuring Tienda Diabetes. Tienda Diabetes,  a leading healthcare provider in Mexico has began using commerce to provide a more personalized healthcare approach for their patients with diabetes. Leveraging commerce, Tienda Diabetes will be able to provide patients […]

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Empowering Patients: Engaging Beyond the Traditional Care Setting

Consumerism is changing how we interact with our care providers. Connecting patients more closely to care providers is especially important after discharge from a facility. My colleague Melody Smith Jones @melsmithjones shared an e-Patient petition to the ONC in her whitepaper Patient 360: The Complete View of Patient Engagement that stated “Nothing would result in […]

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The State of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Digital is reshaping industries and healthcare is not immune to digital transformation. The rise of consumerism has created an environment where patients expect to be involved in their treatment and treatment options throughout their entire journey. The most efficient and cost-effective way to connect with patients is through digital technology. Healthcare consumers are becoming advocates […]

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15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know

Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know from Perficient, Inc. Health IT standards and health information interoperability are at the forefront of the healthcare industry.  There are many challenges, unanswered questions and interested parties when it comes to the development of health IT standards and interoperability in healthcare. While advocates and leaders of standards […]

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How Kaiser Permanente Serves More Patients With Less Resources

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic change in the way traditional institutions think about healthcare delivery. From consumer-driven loyalty programs and social listening to telehealth and wellness programs, disruptive technologies are leading the transformation. Telehealth, once reserved for the chronically ill, is now being used to drive increased revenue by creating services that scale beyond traditional […]

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Healthcare Marketing – The Keys To Engagement: Crawl.Walk.Run.

At a recent Chicago Healthcare Marketing Summit, Jason Rushforth, Oracle Vice President of Industry Solutions for Mobile, Display and Marketing talked about the keys to healthcare marketing. His overall message was that marketers in healthcare need to crawl, walk and then run as fast as possible, because somewhere  someone is running faster than you are! […]

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Healthy Revenue Healthy Future #ANI2015 #HFMA

  This is a phrase that caught my eye here at #ANI2015 on the showroom floor. I’m sure the intent was to discuss revenue cycle solutions but for me this phrase manifests in other ways. Namely “understanding true cost” and “providing transparent pricing”. Both are important topics that correlate to consumerism and to the “Healthy […]

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