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#hxdconf – Resources for Following the Healthcare Experience Design Conference

The first ever Healthcare Experience Design Conference is currently underway in Boston, and thanks to some active conference participants those of us who can’t be there in person can still follow along from afar.  Here are some resources for doing just that:

From what I’ve seen so far through the resources mentioned above, it looks like the conference is off to a great start (above image is of @jasonrobb‘s sketchnotes of  @bjfogg‘s opening keynote, as captured by @nhmackin).

Study reveals healthcare groups most likely to increase IT spending

In a recent report by Healthcare IT News called “Core needs, mobility to fuel health IT spending” a new study releases findings about what types of healthcare workers are likely to increase spending in healthcare IT and in what areas. The study was CompTIA’s Second Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities study.

Key objectives, as always, include:

  1. reducing costs
  2. saving time
  3. improving productivity
  4. most importantly, improving patient care

“Doctors want systems that are faster, easier to use, have better interoperability and cost less, according to the study.”

It’s no surprise that demand is increasing in Healthcare IT:

“Healthcare providers rely on core IT products to care for patients and manage their practices, with desktop and laptop PCs, printers, phone systems and networking equipment the norm at the vast majority of practices.”

But how does it impact plans on spending in the near term?

How many will increase spending?
“About half of healthcare practices will increase their IT expenditures in the next 12 months, with the rest either holding budgets flat or reducing their IT spending, the study shows.”

What groups are most likely to increase spending?
“Group practices are most likely to increase spending, while solo practices are relatively more likely to keep IT spending levels flat.”

How does mobile play into all of this?
“Roughly one in four doctors and dentists say they plan to purchase a tablet PC for their practice over the next 12 months.”

But here’s a shocking fact about texting and email usage by doctors:
“The CompTIA study reveals that relatively few doctors take advantage of email or text messaging to communicate with patients, such as reminders about upcoming appointments. But many want to move in this direction”

Does that fact surprise you? Do you know any healthcare workers who make better use of email and texts to stay in touch with patients and communicate regularly in their day-to-day functions?

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Harness Clinical and Financial Data with Enterprise Health Information Exchange

Enterprise Health Information Exchange (EHIE) is a key way to empower physicians and patients to demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs).
In this presentation, I discuss the business case for EHIE and discuss some of the organizations and products currently leading the market. Let me know what you think! (You can also watch the replay of the webinar here.)

See this slideshow on SlideShare.

InformationWeek 500 Industry Snapshot: Healthcare and Medical

InformationWeek provided a snapshot of how healthcare and medical companies are innovating.

Efficiency and business intelligence top the list, followed by lowering costs and improving customer service. Unfortunately, eco-friendliness is at the bottom of the list. Where do you see your healthcare organization’s priorities?

Take a look at the full chart here.

InformationWeek also indicates that within healthcare and medical organizations, 3.5% of annual revenue is spent on IT, on average; but 75% of companies expect their IT spending in 2010 to exceed 2009 figures.

They also rank the Top 5 Healthcare & Medical companies.

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Perficient wins Microsoft Health Provider Partner of The Year Award

Jack Hersey (Microsoft), Chris Gianattasio (Perficient), Liza Sisler (Perficient) and Brian Scott (Microsoft)

While attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last week in Washington DC, I was excited to be part of the team that had the honor of accepting Microsoft’s Health Provider Partner of  The Year Award on behalf of Perficient.  This was a great honor! Thank you to Microsoft, our clients & partners for sharing in this recognition of our work with us!

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Connected Health Communities – Part 1

Facebook. Twitter. Ning. Blogging. MySpace. PHR. LinkedIn. Patient Portals. Web Enabled.  Yahoo! Health. CaringBridge


What are healthcare organizations to do?  Online communication and interaction has grown significantly in the last 5 years. Our patients are expecting us to communicate and build relationships in the same way they associate with other businesses.  Facebook was started in February 2004 in a Harvard dorm room and reached 1 million active users by the end of that year.  In February 2010 Facebook reached 400 million active users!!   Twitter was created in March of 2006, and gained major popularity in 2007 at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW). During the event, usage went from 20,000 tweets per day to 60,000.  Since January 1st , 2010 4 billion tweets have been posted.  Amazing to think about when all you can do is send a 140 character message!! Read the rest of this post »

Healthcare IT Video Interviews from HIMSS 2010

Last week, a group of Perficient colleagues attended a conference for the Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS). Liza Sisler (@lizasisler, and she also tweets on behalf of @Perficient_HC) connected with several influential social media pioneers in Healthcare IT prior to the conference and was able to gain time with four individuals to shoot short but informative interviews. She asked each of them about the most significant developments and experiences at HIMSS.  Here are all four videos, each one short enough to enjoy. Let us know what you think of each individual’s comments.

Liza Sisler of Perficient, Inc. interviews Tom Mackey, Chair of Microsoft’s Health Users Group and CIO of Aultman Health Foundation. Tom gives his impressions of the HIMSS 2010 conference in Atlanta, GA. He mentions a company called Health Language and also notes that Microsoft’s HealthVault Community Connect announcement, made during HIMSS, has significant impact on the industry.

Tom tweets at @tomaq.

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Provider Healthcare Analytics: Driving Quality Outcome Measurements

Last week, we hosted a popular webinar on healthcare analytics. In this broadcast, our healthcare IT practice team discussed why healthcare analytics matters to progressive health systems and took a look at some of the market-leading healthcare analytics products and their associated architectures. We’ve posted the slides on SlideShare and wanted to share them with you here. Please leave us a comment below to tell us what you think, and follow our healthcare IT team on Twitter at @Perficient_HC

Who we’re following in Healthcare IT on Twitter

This week, we have a large team of Perficient consultants and experts attending the HIMSS conference in Atlanta. As an IT consulting services provider, we partner closely with companies like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others who are extremely active in IT solutions for the healthcare industry.

In honor of the social media focus the conference has had, we’re providing for you a list of very active and influential Twitter folks who tweet about Healthcare IT. These are people we follow on Twitter and people we admire and respect for the value they contribute to the industry. We tweet at @Perficient_HC pretty much every day. Whether you are a healthcare IT professional who is just getting started on Twitter or you’ve been active for a while but you’re looking to break into the most active communities in the space, this list should be a great kick-start for you:


  • Name Brian Ahier
  • Location The Dalles, Orego
  • Web
  • Bio Passionate about Health IT, Healthcare Reform and Gov 2.0; City Councilor, Presbyterian Elder


  • Name Ed Bennett
  • Location Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Web
  • Bio I manage web sites for a large academic medical center. Opinions are my own, not those of my employer. email:
  • Ed also curates a list of all hospitals involved in social media, updates from over 300 U.S. hospitals regularly updating on Twitter:

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