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Business Requirements – Quality Sources

In any project venture, large or small, a list of requirements is must be obtained from a targeted area.  People are the main resources for information regarding a project.  Requirement details are only as good as the sources information is obtained from, thus the SME. SME, Subject Matter Expert, is a title normally associated with […]

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Business Requirements – Version Control

A requirement document can be viewed as a live document that evolves as other general and finite details are added.  It’s wise to implement a method to track additions, deletions, and any modifications.  In the rush to write requirements and capture changes that occur from start to finish, version control is a function to implement […]

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Business Requirements – WARNING Write your Own

The title of this post gives away the final outcome, but the advice should be heeded when writing requirements.  Requirements are a list of desires, functions and a vision on how an application should work.  If there is not the staff to write requirements it would be wise to hire a firm that will assist […]

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Tools of the Trade: The Requirements Approval

There are numerous moving parts functioning during the building and answering of business requirements.  A major tool in the checks and balances of requirements is “The Approval.” The approval sheet is a section in a requirements document but serves a more lengthy purpose than just one document.  Approvals occur numerous times throughout the document between […]

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Tools of the Trade: The Traceability Matrix

How to track the solution for requirements is an ongoing process and if proper tracking is not executed requirement/solution documentation can become a maze, if not just flat out confusing.  There are numerous ways to list solution answers to requirement and one easy method is the traceability matrix. The traceability matrix is basically a table […]

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Tools of the Trade: The Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis is the examination of hindrances a project incurs that halts tasks or total project completion.  Major project gaps are normally apparent but minor steps that undermine projects often times do not materialize until well into a project. Interviews and JAD sessions give a clear view regarding current processes while the project scope […]

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Tools of the Trade: JAD Sessions

Moving forward in the arsenal of tools are the JAD sessions.  JAD (Joint Application Discovery) is also known as discovery sessions in which the truth of processes, procedures, or workflow is truly brought to light. JAD goes beyond the regular interview by pulling resources together to perform a review involving those previously in singular or […]

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Tools of the Trade: The Detailed Interviews

Once initial interviews with leadership and stakeholders are complete the next tool to use is a detailed process review.  The focus is to interview specific individuals to capture detailed processes that occur in a unit, department or team the project will impact. During the interviews reassure individuals they are more than welcome to make adjustments […]

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Tools of the Trade: The Initial Interviews

Second in this series of requirement gathering tools is the interview.  Interviewing may sound easy and generic but there are several objectives to achieve using the tool. First, focus upon on a list of objectives to orchestrate a plan. Several objectives come to mind, with the main goal being establishing rapport with leadership due to its impact […]

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Tools of the Trade: Evaluating Corporate Culture

The next series of my blogs will focus on tools, strategies and techniques to gather business requirements.   Some methods are fairly obvious whereas others are painfully discrete and can stifle an analyst’s approach.  Upon entering the realm of the unknown, one item to consider in gathering requirements is the political culture of a firm and […]

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Requirements Gathering for a Multi-Application Solution

When documenting business requirements for a multi-application technology-based solution, is it crucial to have proper representation from the impacted systems in each discussion? For example, provider contracts may be stored in one internal application (i.e., SharePoint) but must be exposed to providers via a second application (external portal) after being passed through a third application […]

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Requirement Pitfalls – Caution: Requirements in Danger

Certain terms within requirements signal details are missing, thus ensuring additional discussions.  Discovery sessions are the norm but when a requirement document has the follow statements, requirements are not completed. 1.)    The number one offending term:;TBD – “To be discussed” or “To be Determined.”  A requirement with the letters “TBD” is not a requirement and […]

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