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How Dramatic Shifts in Healthcare Consumerism Impact Pharma Execs

If you haven’t had the chance to bounce over to our Life Sciences technology blog, then you definitely should.  My colleague and friend Marin Richeson has been posting some incredibly insightful content that can drive much thought and a lot of conversation about what’s occurring within the part of the industry where creative technology solutions are […]

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Court Case That Could Impact Healthcare Social Media in a Big Way

There is some interesting litigation on the dockets that could potentially have some far reaching implications for healthcare social media and the future of healthcare public websites.  There was a class action lawsuit filed against Facebook and various healthcare organizations including American Cancer Society, Adventist Health System, BJC HealthCare, and the Cleveland Clinic.  The suit claims that PHI was exchanged […]

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How Healthcare Can Use Data to Improve Patient Engagement [Video]

Earlier this week, I discussed the #1 lesson that the healthcare industry could stand to learn from the retail industry.  Namely, this include the use of consumer/patient data to understand, motivate, and incentivize true behavior change.  In an effort towards true patient engagement, we can use that data for even more. Really with all of […]

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What Can Healthcare Leaders Learn from Retail Leaders? [Video]

A colleague of mine recently shared with me a conversation he had with a CEO of a large health system in Chicago.  The CEO was asked the following question: “If you could sit down for lunch to have a candid conversation with the leader of any organization, then who would it be?” Hmm.  Let’s all think […]

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#HIMSS15: Reducing Readmissions with Post Discharge Text Messages

Today I had the good luck to happen upon a #HIMSS15 session entitled “Improve Patient Engagement, Lower Readmissions with #mHealth.” I thought that was a bold statement to make on behalf of #mHealth. Since I’m a big sucker for a bold statement, I found myself drawn to the session like moth to flame. The session was hosted by Richard […]

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Connected Health Top 10: #1 A Real Retail Strategy for Healthcare

In this post-reform era of high quality care at a low cost, the healthcare industry has been looking towards the retail industry for strategies used to engage consumers. Lessons learned include how to use the retail setting as a medium for providing care and how to engage consumers outside of the care setting using technology. […]

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3 Patient Engagement Trends to Watch at #HIMSS15

Every year, the week of the National HIMSS conference is marked as the most exhilarating an exhausting week of the year.  The exhaustion comes from all that walking.  In fact, in this year’s #HIMSS15 Mix Tape, my contribution was that ol’ “I would walk 500 miles” songs from the 90’s. Fortunately, the exhilaration keeps me […]

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Connected Health Top 10: #2 Term “Consumer Engagement” Grows Old

2014 was a big year for consumer engagement.  However, the term “consumer engagement” has been bandied about the industry quite fervently for purposes more aligned to financial gains than true patient engagement. As a result, while the industry wants true consumer engagement more than ever, they are tired of hearing the term “consumer engagement”. As […]

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Connected Health Top 10: #3 The Market Driven Patient Portal

Most industry changes leading to patient data access came by way of Meaningful Use. In the future, changes in the patient portal market will be driven by a series of marketplace dynamics. What does the market think of patient engagement? For the answer to this question it is best to refer to a report by Frost […]

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Connected Health Top 10: #4 Telehealth Meets Routine Care

Over the course of a few short years we have seen doubts about the effectiveness of telehealth technology transform into wide-spread adoption of those same technologies. Now that telehealth has proven successful at managing chronic conditions and care in remote rural settings, we will see this trend continue as health systems realize that breaking down […]

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