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How the Healthcare CIO Saves Lives: #4 Makes Healthcare Available Across Vast Distance

Technologies such as mobile health, telehealth, and social portal solutions are making great waves in healthcare organizations around the world.  Gone are the days where a patient needed to go to the doctor’s office to get important care.  As uses for these technologies increase, and this data is integrated across the care continuum, the Healthcare […]

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Why Healthcare Organizations are Embracing Social Media

It is no secret that the role of social media in health care continues to evolve and be better defined. As health care professions begin to venture into this new space many red flags and warnings are being issued.  Dr. Brian Vartabedian of the Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine and collegues from the Mayo […]

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New Models of Care Delivery Fuel Health IT Discussions

New models of care delivery are inevitable. Whether it’s accountable care, or another favored form, the current incentive structure is evolving.  This is occurring in hopes that waste can be eliminated and quality can improve. Although there is still much uncertainty, the inevitable truth is that the need to streamline and share information is central […]

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How the Healthcare CIO Saves Lives: #3 Decreases our Reliance on Paper

The U.S. healthcare system is run by highly talented people that are using outmoded forms of communication. Many clinicians still use paper files and faxes to communicate and lack the basic infrastructure to communicate efficiently regarding critical care decisions.  As health insurance companies and health providers struggle with efforts to control costs, reduce administration and […]

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Using Enterprise HIE to Move Clinical Information in an ACO

An Enterprise HIE is defined as the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations.  The Enterprise HIE can be used to move information within a region, community or hospital system.  As such, the Enterprise HIE system is a great answer to problems found when forming an ACO.  HIE provides the capability to electronically move clinical […]

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Does Health Information Technology & Primum non Nocere Live in the Same House?

In a recent American Medical News post, Doctors and Pharmacists unite to improve outcomes, the finding’s of an impressive pilot program were published. The program was focused on examining the impact of patient’s health when physicians and pharmacists collaborate. Results confirmed that individuals with chronic illnesses take their medications only 60-70% of time, but when […]

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How the Healthcare CIO Saves Lives: #2 Promotes Preventive Medicine

Preventive medical services traditionally occur within a conglomerate of divergent clinical care settings.  When these systems are integrated to become fully interoperable, Health IT can be a catalyst for disease-management programs by 1) promoting preventive medicine services and 2) reducing the costs associated with these critical healthcare services overall. Strategic opportunities in preventive medicine include: Improving quality of […]

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Creating a Self-Sustaining Business Model for HIE

It is important for state and local agencies building an HIE solution to have a self-sustaining business model.  This will be especially important once the federal government grant money ends.  It is just as important for healthcare systems to consider the value proposition they need or want to get out of their HIE solution. Therefore, […]

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How the Healthcare CIO Saves Lives: #1 Ensures Care is Given at the Correct Time

When we think of a Health IT project like Health Information Exchange, many focus on the technology-oriented aspects of designing, selecting, implementing, and managing a technology project. However, Health IT should ultimately be driven by the clinical goal of ensuring that the appropriate level of care is provided to patients in a timely manner.  By connecting […]

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Avoiding Inaccurate Patient Identification for Healthcare Services

As we mentioned in an earlier post about Tracking a Single Patient in a Connected Healthcare Environment, the key to making an integrated healthcare system work is identifying and managing a unique patient identifier that can be used to connect one patient across a diverse network of care providers. In this post we are going […]

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