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Getting Patients and Clinicians to Speak the Same Language

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/18759163[/vimeo] (via ePatientDave) You know how in science fiction movies the alien/human language barrier is overcome by some tiny electronic universal translator that instantaneously allows each party of a conversation to speak and listen in their native language?  Google’s new voice-enabled Google Translate app (currently available for Android, iPhone likely coming soon) brings us one step closer […]

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Follow Perficient Healthcare on Twitter

Want to keep up with the latest news that we at Perficient Healthcare IT blog are following?  Then follow @Perficient_HC on Twitter!  If you really want to get into the weeds, you can follow some of the contributors individually: Liza Sisler: @lizasisler Christel Kellogg: @Gr8Wolf Erin Eschen: @ErinE Christopher Monnier: @chrismonnier

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Hashtag Empathy – Using Twitter to Listen to Patients

We at the Perficient Healthcare IT blog are big proponents of social media.  As Liza recently outlined, social media offers numerous ways to find information and develop and deepen relationships.  Along those same lines, I think social media offers some great tools for cultivating empathy. What do I mean by empathy? Dev Patnaik literally wrote the book […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

Docs use #iPad to check on patient status, treatment http://dld.bz/EzzG #healthIT # #HIMSS celebrates 50 years with 50 awards http://dld.bz/Ez7n # RT @ahier: The @HIMSS conference has an increasingly active Social Media Center http://bit.ly/gd7gla Bigger each year #hcsm #HIMSS11 # RT @lizasisler: Congrats to @jimmyweeks now VP Information Services for Yale New Haven Health System! […]

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Consumer-Driven HIE: Start the talk on the Cul-de-sac

I think the largest constituent missing from the Health Information Exchage (HIE) is the consumer, the tax payer.  I am talking about the average person who doesn’t live and breath EHRs, security, technology, and the Healthcare industry. The focus has been on getting providers with a carrot and stick to implement EHRs and Meaningful Use driven […]

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The iPhonECG – Empowering Patients with Specialized Medical Data

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/18646633[/vimeo] The above video is a sneak preview of AliveCor’s iPhonECG, and is brought to us by scrubd.in, a brand new site devoted to categorizing, describing, and organizing medical apps.  The iPhonECG has gotten a lot of well-deserved press, with many commentators remarking that the device is “proof that we are living in the future.” […]

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Healthcare IT and the iPhone Effect

Today’s big news is that the iPhone will soon be available on the Verizon network, and Verizon was quick to reassure potential customers that its 3G network is ready for the onslaught of new iPhone users. The chart pictured above shows the impact of the iPhone 3G on the AT&T network (source), an impact that was […]

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Microsoft Surface live at Perficient!

Microsoft Surface wowed at CES and there’s been considerable buzz about the technology, new form factors and reduced price ever since. I initially had the opportunity to see Surface in action at the Microsoft World Partner Conference in 2009 and had the opportunity to learn about some Surface Healthcare applications when the Texas Health Resources […]

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Is HIPAA 5010 Compliance making you feel like this guy?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A305E4vCv4[/youtube] Join us Thursday, January 27, 2011, 12:00 PM CT for HIPAA 4010A1 to 5010 Migration: Rapid Compliance with a Step-up/Step-Down Approach Register at: www.perficient.com/webinars As part of the final rule for HIPAA 5010 implementations, CMS has defined specific milestones that help healthcare organizations evaluate their progress towards compliance.  Many organizations have just now begun the […]

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Personal Health Data: Giving Patients and Doctors Something To Talk About

One of the most intriguing movements in the healthcare industry today is participatory medicine. Participatory medicine holds a lot of promise and seems to be gaining momentum among both patients and healthcare professionals. Nevertheless, participatory medicine is far from the standard of care, and one of the biggest barriers is actually getting patients interested in […]

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