Healthcare | Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics


Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics

The Strategic Hierarchy We Forget When Creating Digital Strategy

There are quite a few fallacious assumptions made in the construction of digital strategy.  One of the most common ones I witness is confusion between strategy and roadmap.  When I take the necessary time to review an organization’s existing digital strategy documentation, more often than not I am presented with a document that outlines an […]

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3 Keys to Establishing a Solid Data Governance Foundation

Hello, welcome and thanks for taking a look at my blog! Since you clicked here, I am assuming you have at least a passing interest in the practice of Governance as undertaken by business organizations. Obviously, since I am posting this, I also am interested in Governance, but, through my experience with a variety of […]

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Digital Strategy that Changes Healthcare from the Outside In

When it comes to digital solutions in healthcare I hear a lot about introducing a retail strategy.  Sure, there is a lot to gain by peeking our heads over the fence at other industries so that we can learn and implement successfully upon the expectations our healthcare consumers have gained with their experience outside of […]

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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus – Value not Volume

On April 11, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare (CMS) announced an initiative called the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC+).  This initiative, which builds on CMS’s previous Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, is designed to “improve the quality of care patients receive, improve patients’ health, and spend health care dollars more wisely 1” and similar to […]

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Reducing Readmission by Connecting with Reluctant Patients

How often do you visit your doctor? If you’re like most Americans, those visits do not happen very often. According to a Commonwealth Fund study the average American visits the doctor only four times a year and that number is decreasing. Compare that with other countries (Japan’s average is 13 times per year, while Germany’s […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016

Healthcare industry transformation is providing organizations with an opportunity to revolutionize how they operate. The digitization of medical records, wearable technologies, mobile, and the Internet of Things are contributing to the data deluge, and innovations in technology are making it possible to transform this data into meaningful and actionable insights to enhance patient care and […]

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Healthcare APIs: Digitally Transforming Care

Changing regulations, technology advancements, and rising customer expectations are pushing healthcare to digitally transform in order to meet new demands and achieve the Triple Aim. Healthcare organizations that understand the importance of realigning technology and business models to more effectively digitally engage patients will be positioned to thrive in the new healthcare ecosystem. One of the […]

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Infographic: Top 10 Connected Health Trends for 2016

Connected health has become a priority within many healthcare organizations as they begin to realize that patient engagement outside the traditional medical setting can have a positive impact on chronic disease management and treatment compliance. In our latest infographic we take a look at the top 10 connected health trends for 2016.   Want to […]

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Rethink Patient Experience with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Studies show that the average American only visits the doctor 4 times a year. This limited frequency makes it critical for healthcare providers to engage with patients outside the traditional medical setting. Finding a better way to connect with reluctant patients is a challenge faced by many healthcare professionals.  The key to tackling this challenge […]

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New & Improved Dr. Google? – Searching for Symptoms on Google

Did you know that approximately 1% of all Google searches (think millions) are symptom-related? Google allows us to be self-sufficient, however, health content on the web can be very difficult to navigate and usually results in a misdiagnosis and more often than not a bout of anxiety because we tend to navigate to the “worst case” scenario […]

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mHealth and Wearables are on the Rise in Clinical Trials

In September, leaders from Pfizer, Otsuka, Quintiles, Roche and Eli Lilly & Co. to name a few, will be convening at the ‘Mobile in Clinical Trials’ event in Boston to discuss the uses and barriers to mobile technology in clinical trials. Mobile and web-based technology platforms are on the rise for clinical trials and post-approval […]

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Transform the Patient Experience with a Beyond Meaningful Portal

The healthcare industry has been transformed by government regulations such as Meaningful Use, which require providers to offer electronic health records to patients in an effort to engage and empower patients to be more accountable for their own care. One of the largest providers of healthcare services in the United States sought to innovate and modernize […]

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