Healthcare | Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics


Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics

Revenue Cycle Management Requires “Trust But Verify” Mentality

Healthcare Providers depend on their electronic health records (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution systems to capture and present metrics so that clinical and operational performance can be reviewed. In particular, RCM solutions/modules position themselves as a key component for spotlighting effective/ineffective processing areas within the “Front-End”, “Middle”, and “Back-End”. Having insights into operating […]

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Hospital at Home: An Effective Model for Acute Care Patients

Remote patient monitoring has been implemented over the last few years in select use cases with varied success based on the level of patient and provider team engagement. A new model that is gaining widespread adoption is Hospital at Home, developed by Bruce Leff, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins. Hospital at Home provides remote […]

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The Information Impact on Providers, Plans, and Consumers

Over the better part of the last decade, most healthcare organizations have significantly invested into technologies like EHRs with Care Management and Population Health support. These investments have equipped their healthcare practitioners with accurate information about their patients necessary to provide timely and appropriate quality clinical care to their patients. Certainly, CMS helped influenced some […]

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How AI Verifies Insurance Eligibility to Benefit Members & Plans

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to mature as companies such as IBM, Amazon, and Google race to bring AI into the daily life of consumers. Underlying the technology of AI is natural language processing, which integrates fields as diverse as linguistics, neuroscience, anthropology, computer science, and psychology. As AI begins to permeate healthcare, its vast potential […]

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Using Healthcare Personalization to Delight, Engage & Empower

Consumers (including members and patients) recognize personalization gives them more enjoyable and relevant experiences online that help them accomplish their goals. Health plans and providers are now adopting personalization to create positive end-to-end consumer experiences on their sites, which in turn may increase engagement, improve loyalty, lower cost of service, and improve patient outcomes. For […]

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Owning the End-to-End Consumer – Patient Experience

Healthcare providers continue to focus on every interaction point consumers and patients have both online and in facility. It is critical for providers to own the end-to-end consumer-patient experience whether capabilities are empowered inside or outside the provider organization. The challenge is that providers are often reliant on multiple third party vendors for consumer and […]

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Can an Apple Watch Keep the Doctor Away?

Apple launched the Apple Watch in 2015 and has been making improvements to it ever since. Today’s announcement was no different. Freedom to Get Fit Where You Want to Get Fit In prior versions, you would need to be in close proximity of your iPhone in order to run all of the Apple Watch supported apps. […]

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Search Battle: Pumpkin Spice Latte vs. The Flu

As the temperatures begin to dip in the midwest, your Facebook feed may convince you that pumpkin spice latte’s are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But are they really? Let’s take a look at Google Search Trends to see who wins the search battle: hot drinks for cool weather or being under the weather. […]

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4 Drivers for Healthcare Cloud Adoption

Today’s healthcare environment has forced organizations to operate in more connected and informed ways as they strive to deliver efficient and effective high-quality care for their patients. Patients are demanding more informed and “active” involvement in their executed care plan, especially as their fiscal responsibilities increase with high deductible health plans becoming more prevalent. To meet the needs of the evolving […]

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Client Video: Enhancing Medical Research with the Cloud

Health Data Compass supports a multi-pronged analytics initiative for breakthroughs in personalized medicine – tailored medical services based on an individual’s predicted response or risk of disease – and integrates data from two major hospital systems, a physician billing plan, and scientific laboratories at the University of Colorado Denver.  Perficient helped redesign and re-platform Health […]

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Webinar: Why Personalization is a “Must” in Healthcare

While the thought of delivering a personalized experience in healthcare can be overwhelming, the value it provides is undeniable. As the industry moves to a more consumer-centric model, healthcare organizations need to engage with patients and members on an individual level. Healthcare organizations that utilize technology to provide a relevant, high-touch and personalized experience are reaping […]

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3 Challenges to Delivering a Killer Member Experience

The healthcare landscape is evolving and there is an enormous amount of pressure on health plans to significantly improve the quality of services they offer. In today’s healthcare ecosystem health plans must deliver an exceptional and personalized member experience and focus their efforts on member engagement and satisfaction. This is no longer an option – […]

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