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Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics

Connected Health 16: The Glass Brain Blew My Mind

As mentioned by my colleague, Juliet Silver, last week we had the good fortune of collecting in Boston for the annual Connected Health Symposium.  This event takes place each October, and I learn more in the two days of the symposium than I do all year round.  Now that I am on home turf, I […]

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Insights from the Connected Health Symposium in Boston

Last week I attended the 13th Annual Connected Health Symposium, in Boston, where the theme this year was ‘Digital Technology that Cares, Bringing the Human Element to Life’. As a strategist in Perficient’s Healthcare and Life Sciences practice, I am keenly interested in the latest innovations unveiled at this venue and their potential impacts on […]

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“Selling” Governance to Leadership: What are the Benefits?

So, if you’ve been following along on this “Governance journey” you know we’ve discussed what it is (strategic business capability) and some helpful items (frameworks, tools, certifications) for carrying out its mission. But, as you likely know, sometime establishing a program is a tough sell. It is often viewed as “overhead” or just more red […]

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Industry Certifications for Governance – Do They Really Matter?

So, here we are (again.) If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve spent some time defining our terms with regard to Governance and establishing it as a Business Capability. We’ve also taken a look at some available support for a Governance Program in the form of Frameworks and actual vendor products specifically aimed at […]

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The Evolution of Industry Tools for the “New” Governance

Welcome (back) to my blog as we continue to expound upon Governance and what it means within a business enterprise. To date we’ve defined what Governance is and talked a bit about how the industry supports it through the availability of Frameworks and Guidance for establishing and running a program. Now I’d like to turn […]

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Perficient Earns Partner Innovation Award at Dreamforce #DF16

Perficient, a Salesforce Gold Partner and leading digital transformation consulting firm serving Global 2000 enterprises, recently received the 2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Healthcare and Life Sciences for its work with NextGen Healthcare. Given annually at Dreamforce, the Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards  honor Salesforce’s consulting partner community and recognize the contributions they make in […]

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The 2 Act Play of Telehealth Patient Engagement

Many healthcare organizations have implemented telehealth pilots and programs under the premise of “if we build it they will come”.  Unfortunately, patients are demonstrating that they will not engage without the correct onboarding infrastructure.  This infrastructure is based off of two key elements or, shall we say, acts of this great play towards healthcare everywhere. Act […]

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Best Practices for Jumpstarting Your Governance Efforts

Welcome to my blog and my next entry in my series dealing with Governance within business enterprises. To date I’ve provided my thoughts as to the meaning of core concepts (Governance, Management, Data, Information, Strategy and Tactic) and used these concepts to define what I believe a Governance Program represents (or should represent) within an […]

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Preventive Technologies, Predictive Analytics and Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes and an additional 86 million have pre-diabetes – a precursor to the full disease. These numbers continue to rise as do the medical costs associated with treatment. In fact, medical costs for people with diabetes are twice as high compared to people without diabetes. Additionally total medical costs, […]

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Governance as a Business Capability. It’s NOT About Technology

Thanks for joining me as I continue to explore Governance and what it means to an enterprise. Up to now we’ve just laid the groundwork by focusing on terminology and concepts that I believe form the basis for understanding what a Governance Program really is (or should be) to an organization. We’ve clarified the difference […]

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Strategy and Tactics – Know Your “What” From Your “How”

Hi and thanks for stopping by. If you’ve followed along with my previous posts on Governance you know we’ve spent some time getting our terms straight. We’ve distinguished Governance from Management and Data from Information (and Knowledge, and Wisdom). For me, one last piece of the “term puzzle” that is helpful to (finally?) begin to talk […]

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You Say Data, I Say Information – Getting Our Terms Straight

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you are a returning reader you know that last time I discussed the difference between Governance and Management and offered my take on what each represents and why Governance needs to be put in place, preferably first, to ensure effective Management. I also “left out” any mention of Data […]

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