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Perspectives and insights on healthcare technology and healthcare industry trends and topics

Addressing the Information Challenge: 7 Ways Governance Can Help

The explosion of data is something that executives across industry are trying to wrap their heads around. Healthcare is no different. In fact, healthcare data is expected to grow 99% –  patient data, wearables, medical literature, scientific articles, etc. are adding to the explosion of healthcare information. This data deluge is a big challenge for healthcare […]

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Trends in Governance: Enterprise Modeling is Essential

Of all the governance trends, none is more foundational and critical to the success of the governance program – indeed the organization itself – than the need for accurate, consistent, and relevant models that communicate the meaning, use, and residency of the information assets of the enterprise. Modeling not only addresses the integration and ingestion […]

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Trends in Governance: Cross-Enterprise Semantics & Metadata

Addressing the ongoing explosion of data sources and storage options requires establishing consistent metadata attributes and semantic models across the enterprise to effectively govern information as an enterprise asset. The primary objective of any enterprise governance program is to ensure consistent and timely data, so reaching consensus and agreement on a common understanding of concepts […]

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Trends in Governance: Democratization of Ownership

The rise of Big Data, self-service, and more powerful and flexible end-user information visualization and preparation tools is impacting governance in a significant manner with regard to structure, decision rights, and accountabilities. End-users are gaining more control of data, including the ability to integrate and manipulate data for their own purposes, and being able to […]

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Trends in Governance: Business-Centric Capability

Related to the trend of recognizing the difference between information and data, is that governance of information requires it be viewed as a business capability. This recognition is starting to take hold because healthcare organizations are realizing that it is the business needs and drivers that supply the context for the data housed by IT. […]

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Trends in Governance: Look Beyond Compliance, Risk and Analytics

Governance historically has been instituted to support regulatory and compliance needs as well as requirements from business intelligence and analytics. These are still essential aspects of Governance, but more and more programs are broadening their reach to address operational needs and helping to solve operational business challenges. Governance is therefore starting to focus more and […]

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Trends in Governance: Change Management is Critical to Success

A recognition, especially among the practitioners themselves, is that effective change management is the key to successful governance. It is still an elusive and challenging function, but its placement as the critical success factor of a governance program is becoming more and more apparent. While all of the data-as-information points so far are relevant, the […]

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Trends in Governance: Interest from Leadership

In my previous posts I discussed trends impacting governance. In my next few posts I will cover trends in governance – the first of which is Interest from Leadership. Governance is being discussed in the C-suite as a business imperative to the success and growth of a company. As the “Information as an Asset” takes […]

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Trends Impacting Governance: Residency Beyond the Perimeter

Along with Big Data is the recognition that much of the information to be governed is now beyond an enterprise’s firewall. Residency in the Cloud does not excuse an organization from effectively governing this information. If anything, it makes it even more critical for ensuring things like privacy, access and timeliness remain intact. The reality […]

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Trends Impacting Governance: The Rise of Big Data

Big Data brings its own challenges to the governance practice. Governing massive quantities of information that move quickly in and out of the enterprise requires a robust and nimble governance program. Governance practitioners must adjust their thinking and approach to deal with this while still maintaining the integrity and control of the information that is […]

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Trends Impacting Governance: Information is an Asset

Similarly to recognizing information is different than data, the idea that information is an asset is gaining more traction. Organizations are seeing that information not only powers internal processes, but that the information itself has value, whether in defining new products or services, improving consumer experience or even outright selling, either directly or through providing access […]

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Trends Impacting Governance: Information is Different than Data

Information Governance is beginning to pop-up and position itself as different – but related – to Data Governance. Generally, the healthcare industry is seeing Information Governance more as a strategic endeavor, while Data Governance is more tactical in nature. However, it really seems to be about providing a more business focus on the governance initiative. […]

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