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Marketing Measurement Mandate – NRF 2016

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines within the overall “marketing” ecosystem. One of the main reasons is due to the quantifiable nature of the insight provided in real-time. While one may receive a large amount of data related to their business, the reviewer of data or even senior leadership may not be […]

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Companies That Didn’t Update for Mobile Paying Price has an article outlining the price paid by companies who haven’t updated their sites to support mobile.   They are making reference to the fact that Google updates their algorithms to give preference to sites that support mobile vs those that don’t. Indeed, companies that weren’t ready for the so-called “Mobilegeddon” have lost up […]

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Marketers Finally Get Google

This is more of a follow up to my post yesterday on Digital Marketing costing a lot and being worth it. has an article on marketers finally getting Google to the point where click through rates are up 19% year over year. “Marketers are optimized almost fully on Google,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst […]

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Why Do Contextual Ads Fail?

I’ve blogged about the personalization failure before.  Now it looks like others are catching on to the ultimate failure on their part, even as they harvest huge amounts of private information about us. This article in ComputerWorld outlines the issues. The author Mike Elgan hits the topic of privacy quickly and never lets it go: […]

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Google Search With Salesforce

Brendan Callum, a director and whiz extraordinaire in our Salesforce practice, has a video out about what they did with Google Search and Salesforce. The video doesn’t go into a lot of detail but I find it extremely interesting that an appliance (older trend) searches the cloud (ongoing trend) in a secure fashion.  Of course, […]

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Cisco WebEx Social Bites the Dust

Cisco has been a long-time major player in unified communications in the workplace.  Several years ago Cisco started making noise in the social collaboration marketplace.  Cisco had the bright idea to marry their strong telecommunications and conferencing capabilities with enterprise social networking and introduced Cisco Quad.  Quad promised to bring web conferencing, instant messaging, telephony, activity […]

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Google’s Bigger, Cheaper Cloud

I’ve been keen to watch the cloud options evolve because of the huge impact they can have on my portal, social, web content, and digital marketing world.  The bits blog has a good article on Google’s continuing evolution with the cloud offering.  It should be no surprise Google is cheaper.  It may be a surprise […]

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GMail integration with Eloqua, Salesforce and more

We keep hearing about the death of email – social media was going to kill email, spam was going to kill email, etc, etc. if you search Google for “email death”, you will find hundreds of articles predicting and espousing the death of email. As a side note, this even goes back 10 years: The […]

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Perficient Receives Award for Search Deployment Excellence

Last week our Google Search Appliance practice team attended the Google Global Partner Summit in San Francisco, CA with over 600 fellow partners worldwide.  In addition, more than 200 Google employees were there to present, facilitate, or answer questions and provide their view on the future of Google Enterprise and the technologies they are creating. […]

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Turns Out Companies Are Investing in Social Media

Google’s Wildfire commissioned a study on the How Brands Staff and Budget With Social.  It’s far too long for me to replicate but here’s a couple nuggets:                                 There’s a lesson here and it’s that social media has become a […]

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