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Adobe Summit: Top new features in Adobe Experience Manager WCM

Cedric Huesler @keepthebyte is a Product Manager at Adobe and works on the web content management aspect of AEM.  Cedric demoed 10 new features coming in AEM 6.0, which was announced yesterday.  A new major version (6.0 vs 5.6) for AEM indicates a major architectural change in the product.  Adobe expects the new architecture to […]

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Adobe Summit: Attribution and Media Mix Algorithms

There is a lot of buzz around attribution.  In this session, Sid Shah from Adobe spoke about the following topics as it relates to Attribution and your Media Mix by looking at the following three items: Choose the right model Attribution does not equal Media Mix Media mix models should be realistic and predictive For […]

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Adobe Summit: Understanding customer insight without getting creepy

In a different session one of the speakers said there is a fine line between understanding customer sentiment and being creepy. To get insight, you have to monitor what they say, what the do on your site and others’. But you don’t want to go too far and cross that creepy line. In this session […]

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Adobe Summit: Testing & Targeting Simplified with Adobe Target

Daniel Hopkins, a Senior Consultant of Digital Strategy and Optimization regaled us with stories about how we could use Adobe Target. Have you ever wondered why optimizing your web site is sub-optimal?    Why is it so hard? Quote: Simplicity is the ultimate representation (Leonardo DaVinci Uncomplicate the Process Optimization: To make the best or […]

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Adobe Summit: Top new DAM features for Adobe Experience Manager

By the size of the line to get into this session, I’d say that Digital Asset Management is a hot topic. Elliot Sedegah and Greg Klebus from Adobe shared the top new DAM features in the AEM. First, DAM in Adobe is now called Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Managing digital assets can be a tedious […]

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Adobe Summit: Open Architecture in the Marketing Cloud

Adobe is spending a lot of time and effort integrating all the products in the Marketing Cloud.  Paulo Mottadelli, Sr. Manager of Marketing Cloud Product Management walks us through it. Why does open architecture matter?  10% of the features are used by 90% of the users while many features are only used by only a […]

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Adobe Summit: Campaign, CrossChannel Marketing in a Digital World

Patrick Tripp and Stephane Bline presented on Adobe Campaign (formerly Neolane) They started off with a video on key information you know about customers like: bought 5 concert tickets is a season ticket holder opened but did not click season renewal How he bought his tickets 2 at the door 3 online Definition: Cross-Channel marketing […]

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Adobe Summit: Building a social listening program with Adobe Social

I made it to Adobe Summit 2014 and my first session is How to build a social program using Adobe Social. This is a technical session presented by Carmen Sutter, Adobe’s Product Manager for Adobe Social and Greg Greenstreet VP Engineering at Gnip. 550 million tweets were sent in one day. Yet, there is almost […]

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Adobe Summit: Keynote with Yancey Strickler

Why do people support Kickstarter with over $1 billion pledge People are amazing Ideas are the future We are all capable of creating incredible things You see a huge community of people who are trying to shape the world.  Here are a few things that have happened over the past five years. Veronica Mars It […]

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Adobe Summit: Keynote Mobile, Audi, Sephora

Mobile The Marketing Cloud will support mobile app assets.  It’s part of the unified digital assets services within the cloud. This new functionality lets you connect Phone Gap apps to the apps that are in the Marketing Cloud Showed the list of Audi apps Showed the Audi car configurator app which allowed the presenter to […]

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