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Educational Content Gets More Viewing Time Than Cats on YouTube

Google Think has a long but interesting blog post about, “What Brands Can Learn from Educational Content on YouTube”  Here are some stats from the post: Educational content gets 4X viewing time than animal video content. (Yes, that a statistic pushed directly towards digital marketers) There are 500 million views of educational content every day […]

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Personalization Payoff

CMO.com has an interesting and short article on the “Personalization Payoff: 3 New Approaches to CRM Data”  I like the article because the author gets into why you have a CRM system in the first place.  You have the system to manage the customer experience from first touch (sales) through the entire lifecycle (marketing and […]

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Digital Change 2007 to Now: Technical Underpinnings

The technical underpinning of the “World Wide Web” have changed.  For one, when was the last time you heard reference to the world wide web?  When was the last time you typed in www for that matter.  The technology used to service the digital world has expanded remarkably as customers flock to digital channels for […]

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15 Stats About High-Tech B2B

CMO.com has an interesting article on some key stats in the B2B world. By that we are talking about buying software or using solutions meant for business to business rather than a consumer facing solution.  Think campaign management software rather than a shopping cart.  I won’t quote every single stat but here are my top […]

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Examples of How Blockchain Will Drive Change

  CMO.com has a decent article on bitcoin. The title is a bit pretentious, “Read This and You Can Stop Pretending You Understand Blockchain”  The article fails in completely explaining what it is but it does a great job in giving examples on where blockchain technology will improve transparency and efficiency in many different industries. […]

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Digital Change: 2007 and Now, What a Difference

Ten years seems like a long time in the digital world.  A lot has changed and the pace of change continues to increase. More tools exist to make it easier to create a sharp looking and engaging web site. Social and mobile channels have had huge growth beyond anything imagined.  We can better measure what’s […]

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Disruption in the Travel Industry

CMO.com has a slideshow which then links to a number of deeper articles on disruption in the travel industry. While I’m not sure I agree with every statement about disruption, I can agree that the travel industry has been disrupted more than almost any other sector.  First off though, we need to focus on what disruption […]

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Getting Value for Your Analytics Dollars

A common theme at many of our clients is the failure to get any real insight from web and other analytics. All too often we find only the most basic analytics in use.  We also find that few people pay attention to the analytics.  In addition, no one has thought about what value they really […]

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Time To Embrace New Measurement Priorities

Think Google always has thought provoking content. I found this one to be a good summary of the evolution of how you measure what’s happening on your site.  We find that as a company becomes more sophisticated in the use of analytics, they start looking for deeper and better insight.  You should read the whole […]

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Digital Transformation Common Sense

The eMarketer Digital Transformation 2017 report has a lot of common sense discussion on Digital Transformation packed into 18 pages. (Thanks to Erin Moloney for the report) Without revealing everything, I want to highlight a couple items that make a lot of sense.  The first is that Digital Transformation is a business driven event.  Something […]

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