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Ephox EditLive for IBM Connections

Thanks to Becky Schroeder at Ephox for sending me the following video.  EditLive is an outstanding web-based text editor that has been included in IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager for several years.  If you use those products, EditLive is the Advanced Editor out of the box.

EditLive brings lots of great features to people who create and edit content on the web.  Traditionally, content was edited in desktop applications like Dreamweaver, MS Word, etc and then copy/pasted into a web based editor.  The problems with this approach is that often times features available in those desktop tools are not available in web-based editors, so you lose formatting or, worse, get formatting you can’t possibly fix.  EditLive resolves all those issues.

EditLive for IBM Connections is now in Beta, IBM Connections is a market leading social business system for blogs, wikis, microblogging, etc.  Making EditLive available in Connections will solve the same problems that I mentioned above for Connections users.

For Portal and WCM, the number of people who create content is usually pretty small.  However, when you talk about IBM Connections, you will have a large number of people that will be creating content.  You’ll want to make sure their experience is excellent.  This is why EditLive in Connections is so important.

Included in EditLive are features such as spell checking, thesaurus, embedded comments and the ability to include pictures within your text.  EditLive will also let you crop those pictures, make rounded corners and/or shadows. EditLive also includes pre-built templates to make formatting text much easier in Connections.  Say you want to create an article with an image.  EditLive has a template that lets you create that content without having to know the HTML code to make it look good.

Take a look at the beta and see how your Connections users will like this editor.

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