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Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer Integration

My colleague Seth Broweleit shared with me news that Yammer has been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.  If you are a Yammer Enterprise customer, you can download the installation package that includes some very nice features.  The video here shows many of the features I’ve listed below: 

  • Primary Yammer Web Part – Add Yammer feeds, private messages, and notifications tabs to SharePoint sites
  • Light Embeddable Feeds – Embed a mini feed anywhere in SharePoint to view and keep track of relevant discussions
  • Document & List Integration – Send links to documents, calendar events, and tasks from SharePoint to Yammer feeds
  • Federated Search – Relevant Yammer messages displayed side by side your SharePoint search results
  • Profile Sync – Import profile information from SharePoint into Yammer, eliminating the need to complete two profiles
  • Notifications – Track unread Yammer messages from the SharePoint top banner
  • Activity Streams – Automatically deliver activity updates from SharePoint to Yammer
  • Single Sign-On – Simultaneously log into Yammer and SharePoint through a single entry point

Yammer lists the system requirements as SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007.  I find it interesting that SharePoint 2013 isn’t listed.  This could mean that Yammer didn’t have time to test this integration with SP2013, or that Microsoft is purposely holding off this integration because it conflicts with SharePoint 2013’s embedded social tools.  If I hear anything on this front, I’ll let you know.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer Integration

  1. Darren

    I suspect the main reason that SharePoint 2013 isn’t listed within the systems requirements is that it isn’t publicly available yet (only to volume-licensed customers which doesn’t count as ‘general availability’).

    Yammer integration isn’t seen as conflicting with SharePoint 2013’s social capabilities. The Social Roadshows going on at the moment are highlighting both solutions and advocating the integration. Yammer is a cloud-based solution, SharePoint can run in the cloud or on-premises. Customers can choose which solution to use for social capabilities, and sometimes that will determined by their acceptance of cloud solutions (some customers have a no-cloud policy). The future roadmap for SharePoint / Yammer integration is not public yet, but it will support customers’ current decisions to use one or the other.

  2. Mark Polly Post author

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve had some internal discussions with some colleagues about this and your comments have added to our discussion.

  3. Giovanni Westbrook

    I’ve been a SharePoint (365)use for over 8 years. My company was
    tired of the Microsoft game of third party add-ons for just about everything.
    It was hard to keep up with every time we wanted to implement a new process
    like social capabilities we would have to find an add-on and spend more money
    for a system that should have already came with these capabilities out the box.
    After a little research and few demos we found Centralpoint by Oxcyon.
    Centralpoint came with over 230 modules out the box. It was an easy transfer
    from SharePoint to Centralpoint and a great jump start out the box.

    I found out a few years ago it was time for a SharePoint
    alternative when we found out that SharePoint wasn’t by far ready to use out
    the box. Like the fact that SharePoint social capabilities aren’t the best. We
    even bought in to the Yammer integration. All the third party option SharePoint
    has the options for kept my team learning more and more about different
    products and shown no really productivity. I did a quick Google and found out this new user platform could easily
    create productive for us. We were using SharePoint but between the licensing,
    I.T. staff cost, and the fact that it didn’t have any real social capabilities
    made us search for a new CMSs fast.

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