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Google Analytics Basics

Valeria Arguello published a blog post on 7 tips for those just starting out with Google Analytics.  I won’t steel her thunder but I liked her last tip.

Goals Overview

Conversion tracking can be added to Google Analytics by clicking on the Admin tab and then on the Goals tab. By adding a goal you can track:

  • Visits to a specific page, for example a thank you page after registering to a newsletter or submitting a contact form.
  • Visitors that stayed a certain amount of time on the website.
  • Visitors that visited certain number of pages during their visit.
  • An Event.

I highly recommend adding goals because it is an opportunity to obtain additional information about visitors’ actions that are valuable to your business.

So many of my clients have web analytics setup but get page counts and that’s about it.  They fail to use the power inherent in these tools and fail to apply what they learn to improving the site.  Hence my “like” for the goals part.  Feel free to read the whole thing.

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