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Adobe CQ5 has arrived

I just went through a presentation on Adobe CQ5, which came to Adobe via their recent acquisition of Day Software.  Wow!  CQ5 has outstanding features that compete with the best Enterprise Web Content Management and Portal systems.  At the heart of CQ5 is Apache Sling and a Java Content Repository (JCR).  Main features of CQ5 include the following:

  • Web Content Management, including in-place editing of content, workflow, localization, personalization. etc. CQ5 Main Screen
  • Marketing Campaign Management that can segment visitors for push marketing
  • Mobile web experiences and you can preview your site in many different mobile simulators
  • Targeting which integrates Adobe’s online marketing suite powered by Omniture
  • Social Collaboration such as profiles, wikis, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Digitial Asset Management with easy access from the content editing screens
  • Portal integration can easily surface content on a portal or include JSR portlets on a content page
  • Forms Builder to create forms for the site

It looks like CQ5 can be a standalone web content management system that will manage multiple websites and it can be integrated with other systems to deliver content.  The combination of Sling and JCR make access to content pretty easy, so you can build content into you custom applications too.

I’ll be taking a closer look at Adobe CQ5 and can’t wait to report my findings.

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9 thoughts on “Adobe CQ5 has arrived

  1. We are moving off of IBM’s WCM to the CQ5 platform. It will be much better and easier to use.

  2. After looking at the videos at Adobe’s website, I think CQ5 will surely be a vaiable option for large corporates. At the same time, I find it quite complex. it will not be as smooth on older browsers most of the large organizations are running. I know of some large organizations still running IE6!

    I am hoping to get my hands on CQ5 some day soon. Thank you very much for your review, I now know what to expect from a demonstration that is set to happen soon for me.

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  4. Mark Polly Post author

    Yes, I’ve been able to deploy the CQ5 portlet on WebSphere Portal and display content from CQ5. It worked pretty easy on my demo site.

  5. Mark Polly Post author

    Sorry to hear that. Often times implementation of the content templates can affect the usability of the site for authors. Also newer versions have addressed some problems that you make have encountered.

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