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Project thinking pitfalls

Agile values tacit over explicit learning. It’s not that explicit learning isn’t valuable, it is; but it’s the tacit learning — where things become embedded and part of our nature — that is the most valuable. If there were one piece of tacit knowledge that I wish I could transfer (think Vulcan mind meld) it […]

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Manage an integration project in control (Part 2 – Suggestions / Discussion)

In the previous post, we talked about some major challenges we experienced in an integration project. In this post, I will share some suggestions on how to solve these problems. I also bring the discussion about using “Agile” or “Check Point Control” in integration project plan. Based on the previous post, it becomes natural that […]

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Manage an integration project in control (Part 1 – Problems)

It is exciting to see so many integration projects pop up in our offshore global delivery center (China GDC).  As we know, most integration projects are very often challenging. Since I have worked as the offshore team lead in a mulit-shore integration project, I would like to share what I learned with you. First, I’d […]

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Creating bugs vs. finding bugs?

In one of my Scrum projects there was an interesting conversation between my testing team and the development team: Tester A: “Look at that bug; it’s pretty straightforward that the functionality doesn’t match our test case. Why can’t somebody do a quick smoke test before checking in the code?” Developer A: “Well, yes I agree […]

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How much effort should be spent communicating with an offshore team?

Currently more and more projects are multi-shore in a lot of big companies. Clients always ask us one question: How much effort needs to be spent to communicate with offshore teams if we work with one. It is one concern from clients that they need to spend more time to communicate with offshore team and usually […]

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Agile is mainstream according to Forrester

Interesting article in CIO magazine a few months back about a Forrester report that found 35% of IT professionals describe their process as ‘Agile’ and 46% that say they are at least Agile in spirit. I think this meshes up well with what I’ve seen in the industry. In my job, I get to […]

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No communication and its impact on multi-shore teams

The first type of No Communication is very simple: nada, none, no acknowledgment, and zero feedback. Here’s an example. Our project was at a critical juncture and we ran into a few important questions. I wrote an email message carefully explaining the issues and sent it to Joe, our lead BA and product owner. I […]

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