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What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

How to handle iPad landscape and portrait layout using size class

Apple introduced the size class to allow the developer to create one single layout for multiple displays. This is one of the core concepts behind the adaptive layout. In this article, we are not going to cover the fundamental concepts of size class, if you are not familiar with it, you can refer to this […]

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Integrate Google Map into Your App

Many people have used Location-Based Services (LBS) or Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS), both of them can be used in lots of context in our daily life. So in many situations, you may want to integrate a map into your app. Today I’m going to introduce you how to use google map in your app. Set […]

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Basic usage about Hibernate

What is Hibernate? Hibernate, as an ORM (Object rational Mapping) solution, effectively “sits between” the Java application data access layer and the Relational Database, as can be seen in the diagram above. The Java application makes use of the Hibernate APIs to load, store, query, etc its domain data. Why use Hibernate? High Cross-database portability […]

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Are you good enough ?

I saw this at a restaurant and could immediately relate it to IT industry. If you are not HAPPY with your PRODUCT, DON’T Put it On the PLATE !! Quality is a collective responsibility. Everybody from Pre-Sales to Implementation have equal accountability. But the core lies with the Technology Team – As a Business Consultant, […]

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Dependency Injection: A Basic Tutorial to Dagger 2

For Cedars-Sinai android app, to meet the clients’ needs, our goal is to develop a user-friendly and robust app. And on the way to accomplish that goal, we need to make sure that during our development, every line of the code we write is not only testable, but also easy to test. To do that, […]

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Automated test result dashboard based on Extent

1.Challenges of test results display A number of report generating tools are often used on automation test, such as Junit, TestNG, ReportNG. The reports generated by these tools need some extra work to get a relative intuitive and concise report. ExtentReport and Extentx is such a platform which can provide a real time and elegant […]

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How to Set Up Build Light with YeeLight WIFI Bulb

Introduction In the agile software development world, continuous integration is a widely used practice and it is very helpful in building quality software. It is vital to bring failed builds to the attention of responsible developers as quickly as possible. This problem can be easily solved in a fun way by using YeeLight WiFi Bulb […]

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How to Hot Reload Your Web Application

Have you ever tried to use webpack to compile JS and CSS files? If yes, you might know that it’s difficult for the developer because they usually need to run the “Webpack” command to recompile JS files and CSS files when they are changed. Every time webpack does a compilation, the developer should click F5 to refresh […]

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How to Create a Salesforce Portlet in Liferay by Using REST

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool (CRM), which is used to help companies manage and promote the relationship with existing clients, and develop new clients. It runs on cloud, so there is no need to install any software and no hardware is required. It can reduce the development cost and deliver an application in […]

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BigDL – An Open Source Framework for Deep Learning

We have been familiar with machine learning for several years. It has been used in many aspects of business and life such as natural language recognition, fraud detection and autopiloting. While deep learning is a branch of machine learning, it is a big part of the machine learning family based on data representation other than […]

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