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Optimized Global Delivery

What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

Brief Probe into TestNG Listener

In our automation testing project practice, we may need to change the attributes of @Test (e.g. priority and group) for the existing scripts due to the requirements change. Or we may need to collect the regression result data to generate a customized report. But for the large number of existing scripts, it could take a lot […]

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How to Run an existing Liferay Application in Docker Container

As an instrumental containerization tool in the DevOps technologies, Docker is useful and being widely applied in the continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and auto deployment practice. Perficient China portal team has just completed a Liferay application dockerization. This implementation makes our entire application/instance to be lightweight in the deployment and lay the foundation […]

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Perficient Customized IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare

UDMH Model Components The Perficient Healthcare Analytics Gateway asset is a data integration engine that allows healthcare data from multiple sources be integrated and presented in atomic level detail (Inmon model) and in conformed dimensional layer (Kimball model). The atomic and dimensional data models are part of IBM’s Unified Data Model for Healthcare (UDMH). IBM […]

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SharePoint -Assign value to hidden Meta Desc Field – Workflow

Recently our team encountered a strange issue on SPO environment, that the Meta Description (internal name: SeoMetaDescription) field was not shown on new/edit form. Although there’s a separate page to edit SEO properties, but it only applies for pages (see below screenshot): After some investigation, I found the ShowInNewForm and ShowInEditForm properties for this field […]

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Circulo (Looping) logic in Informatica

Many of us have used the looping logic in programming languages or in others tool that we use. Looping logic is when you process each record continuously until it reaches its maximum limit. So, what’s new in looping logic? Let’s see here. In Informatica, it is quite problematic to loop a single record and there […]

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Resolving a Data Architect Physical Model Saving Failure Issue

Symptom When we transform a Dimensional Warehouse Logical Model to a Physical Data Model, IBM InfoSphere Data Architect results in the error ” Save Failed Java heap space” even though the Physical Data Model size is 0 KB. The full error message is as following: Cause Dimensional Warehouse Logical Models are quite large which can […]

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The Elevation of Big Data

Structure of Hadoop HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system)  is going to distribute our data across nodes depending upon the replication factor configured. Since data needs to be distributed across systems, all the systems are established with an ssh connection by the software installed in it and it uses tcp protocol. Since data is distributed, there […]

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CDC Optimization in Datastage

 “Small Change & Big Difference” Today in almost all the sectors, say, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom..we handle billions and trillions of data in a batch mode processing.  In enterprise data warehouse, capturing the changes in everyday transactions and loading into datawarehouse will be a time-consuming process if the data volume is high. Though ETL tools […]

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3 Modern Indoor Position System Technologies

Why do we need an Indoor Positioning System?  Global Positioning Systems don’t work indoors,since they only work in two dimensions, and with more and more business needing a context-aware solution,IPS are becoming more popular. With the giant leap to the Internet of Things(IoT), precise indoor positioning opens countless possibilities for new generation mobile applications.For instance, […]

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Implementing MQ channel security in MQ V8

We’ve chosen to make use of the MQ V8 feature Connection Authentication and supply a user ID and password when we connect to the queue manager. Below script depicts how to implement this feature MQ V8 Create Queue Manger called TEST crtmqm TEST Start Queue Manager TEST strmqm TEST runmqsc TEST DEFINE LISTENER(TCP.1414) TRPTYPE(TCP) PORT(1414) […]

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