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What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

Traversing Unstructured Data in Datastage

What is Unstructured Data? Unstructured data is an information that does not have a predefined data model or does not fit well into relational tables. It is broadly classified into two types Non-Textual unstructured data is a multimedia data like still images, videos, and MP3 audio files Textual unstructured data are like email messages, instant […]

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Data Visualization using TIBCO Spotfire® DESKTOP

TIBCO Spotfire® Desktop is a data visualization and analytics tool which uncovers the insights from data SPOTFIRE Desktop features Enables user to analyse and visualize realtime data in different ways providing holistic view of the business Easily share insights with peers, advisers, and customers to provide valuable context for collaborative decisions Easy and accessible to […]

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ATS in iOS 10

ATS ( App Transport Security) is a good network security policy proposed by Apple in WWDC 15. According to ATS, no security network visiting (aka any web url starting with http://) is settled in iOS 9 by default. Although users can set the “NSAppTransportSecurity” value inside Info.plist to allow Apps connect with no security networks […]

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Using IBM Netezza Stored Procedure to Synchronize Tables

In a data warehouse project, once the physical model has changed, attributes have to be added accordingly or tables need to be re-created. For ETL developers, it’s their job to make sure that these changes take place in the development environment. Thus, this leads to a problem: how do you maintain those databases (eg. QA […]

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TIBCO BW Integration with Apache CouchDB

Apache CouchDB is one of a new breed of database management systems . CouchDB is often categorized as a “NoSQL” database different from traditional SQL-based databases. CouchDB is built on the Erlang OTP platform, a functional, concurrent programming language and runtime environment. Erlang has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. CouchDB uses the […]

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Hybrid SCD implementation in Informatica

What is Hybrid SCD? Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Type 6 is also called as “Hybrid SCD” that combines three fundamental SCD techniques. Type 6 can be used when you want to maintain complete history and would also like to have an easy way to manage current version. The point of “type 6” or “Hybrid” processing […]

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Customized Plugin for Soap ui – Web Services Testing

The web (World Wide Web) was a prodigious success enabling computer to human interactions through Internet. Web used simple HTTP/HTML protocol and with its relative simplicity was the key factor to its success and was implemented across various OS and programming environments. Web services took many of the ideas and principles from the Web and […]

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HTML Report Generation from Database in Unix

Now-a-days most of the organizations/corporations are still using legacy software which produces output in the form of flat files. Integrating these flat files and text files with other data formats such as HTML, XML, etc. in a modern computing environment is increasingly difficult. Many tools are available in the market to convert flat file to […]

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SharePoint Online Site provisioning with PnP PowerShell

Abstract: PnP PowerShell is part of the Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices initiative. It provides a lot of useful commands to help with site provisioning, getting user information, adding groups, setting site configuration, etc. In this post, I’m going to illustrate how to use PnP SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets to export and import sites.  PnP […]

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Get Started with PnP JS Core

Abstract: The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library is created to help developers by simplifying common operations within SharePoint. It contains a large number of extension methods and properties, which are used to manage the contents, generate reports based on the lists, library or settings, etc. We can also use PnP JS core to filter […]

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