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What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

Why and What to Validate in a Maven POM xml File

Following are some of the ways you can validate a pom.xml file: Maven itself validates some basic things that it need to build your project Manually Review pom.xml for projects and modules against a checklist to make sure everything is correct. Automate using scripting language like Python, Jython. Buy why would someone perform an extra […]

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API Lifecycle

Requirement – This is the stage where we want to expose some functionality using APIs. Analysis – We analyze what system will be required to fulfill functionality, API Contract etc. Development – APIs will be developed as per the contract. The contract or documentation will be published so that the consumer knows what is needed […]

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Configure SQL data source in IBM Datapower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway is a purpose-built security and integration platform for mobile, cloud, API, SOA and B2B workloads. The current business model for nearly all industries relies mostly on data. The database has become a very important component of an enterprise’s IT structure providing more sophisticated and flexible options than the databases available a decade before. […]

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When to break Monolithic

Often we wonder when we should break monolithic service into micro-service or small services. When is it time to make this change and what will it will take to accomplish. We all know services should be more cohesive and loosely coupled. While we may have started with that in mind, over time we look back and […]

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Automating Docker Image builds

Why automate? Similar to any other automation, we get consistent results once we have automation in place. It speeds up the development process. You can produce the same result by following the same steps, so there is less of a change that it will work sometimes and not work other times. What is required to […]

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Type tree creation using ITX Database Interface Designer

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX) is one of the most powerful data transformation product and its supportability of multiple protocols and routing capabilities has made it a unique product delivering flexibility in IT systems, resulting in business agility.It has the ability to transform any type of data to any specific format with formats including XML,Non XML, Cobol Copybook,EDI […]

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Docker Swarm Quick Overview

Docker Swarm helps you create and manage Docker Clusters. Docker Swarm automatically handle scaling up and down depending on number of task you want to run. Docker swarm can handle load balancing internally among containers. Docker Swarm Components Docker Swarm contains following key components. Node – Special Container that run on each Swarm host. Node […]

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Docker Container Best Practices

It is preferable to use Dockerfile to create an image. Using Dockerfile is the only way you can be sure of reproducing the same image every time. Use a Layered approach, but keep in mind that Docker imposes limits on the number of layers an image can have. To minimize layer, you can combine commands […]

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Maven Build Failure – Unknown packaging: content-package

If you are running a Maven application, in some cases, you may encounter an “Unknown packaging:content-package” issue when you try to build the app. We can’t determine the reason based on this error description. I will guide you through a method for determining the possible root cause and a related solution for this issue step […]

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An Introduction to Docker and Containers

Containers: Containers represent operating system level virtualizations which help you run multiple isolated systems i.e. containers in same machine. Docker: Docker is a containerization engine which means that it lets you create containers to achieve operating system level virtualization. Docker allows you to automate the containerization process. We can store Docker images in a Docker […]

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