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Optimized Global Delivery

What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

Cloning in Oracle EBS R12

CLONING IN ORACLE EBS R12 PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Cloning plays an important role in the Oracle EBS Production system. There are regular requests from developers to clone the production system and prepare the development for the EBS System. The biggest challenge is ensuring that we do not disturb the production or clone within the development system. Steps to Follow When […]

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Machine Learning in Local with Microsoft CNTK Package

In July 2016 there was an international joint conference on artificial intelligence held in New York City where many experts and professors meet together to share their recent research and the commercial use cases. Machine learning (ML), deep learning(DL) and natural language processing (NLP) were the hot topics on the agenda. There are some interesting […]

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ELT Vs ETL : Data warehousing

Introduction : The cost of any Data Management (DM) or Business Intelligence (BI) project is dependent on the decision of the architecture to be employed for the project .ETL is the traditional method that has been followed for many years. Considering the new technologies and toolsets that are available currently, a new approach can be implemented. […]

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How to use the Bing Maps in your application

Abstract: Bing Maps is an online mapping service that enables users to search, discover, explore, plan and share information about specific locations. It provides a variety of service API to support a lot kinds of the map application. I believe you can find a one that will be useful for your applications and systems. Introduction […]

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Fog Computing – Next Buzzwords?

There is no doubt that cloud computing has been the buzzword for several years and will continue to dominate the IT and business world for quite a long time. In the cloud computing world, the computation resources, storage, algorithm, application and big data analytics are centralized and their service is provided to the consumer just […]

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Hangzhou Spark Meetup 2016

Last weekend there was a meetup in Hangzhou for the Spark community, and about 100 Spark users or committers attended. It was great to meet so many Spark developers, users and data scientists and to learn about recent Spark community update issues, road maps and real use cases. The event organizer delivered the first presentation […]

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How to Generate and Personalize Html Report for JMeter

When creating load testing projects, we usually integrate JMeter with Apache Ant to run JMeter scripts in batch. The test result auto-generated by JMeter ONLY provides the data collected during the load testing run. To present a comprehensive test report, visualizing such data to charts or diagrams are required. One of the solutions for such […]

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How to fetch database by CAML query

Abstract: CAML is a dialect of the ML programming language family like may descendants of ML. It has been applied in lots of popular platforms like SharePoint. It has been more and more popular. However, I cannot find the way to apply CAML to query database. In this article, I will introduce one way to […]

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An Introduction to Cognos Drill Through

Introduction to Cognos Drill-Through Drill-Through is useful to navigate from the Source Report to the Target Report by passing data values between reports. The following example shows a drill-through from the Summary report to a detail report showing Revenue breakup by Product Line. To set the drill-through we have to create a filter parameter in […]

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