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Perspectives on Adobe Digital Marketing Platform Technologies

5 Design Tips for Modern Digital Marketing

When implementing a new digital marketing platform, many organizations struggle with how to design their vision so it can be easily and sustainably implemented using modern digital marketing technologies. Here are five key tips that I believe will help organizations looking to implement their digital marketing vision, ensure that their creative and design process yields […]

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Apache Sling’s Hidden Gem: Request Processing Analyzer

Recently I was investigating a response timeout issue in an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation. The AEM application serves content both to the browser and portal application. The portal system makes a request to AEM, and AEM processes that request and returns the request in JSON format. As per the architecture, the response from AEM should reach the portal within five seconds. […]

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#AdobeChat: A Recap on Effective Optimization Programs

We all talk a lot about customer experience, and for good reason. The shift to digital has been a complete game-changer, and consumers have more options than ever before. Long gone are the days of pulling out a massive phone book to find a new primary care physician or travel agent for your next vacation, or […]

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AEM 6.3 First Looks: AEM Core WCM Components

AEM Core WCM Components (commonly referred to as core components) are a set of production-ready components Adobe introduced with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3. They are open source and delivered over Github, so the entire AEM developer community is welcome to provide feedback and contribute to the code base (cue applause). These components use the same […]

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Indexing Bogging AEM Down? Disable Apache Tika!

Recently, we were investigating a CPU performance spike issue with an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) publish server. After some research, we came across logs that indicated indexing had caused the CPU spike. Adobe Experience Manager is more than just a content management system or an application to serve content to the user’s request. AEM includes more powerful functionality, […]

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AEM DataLayer on Tour: IMMERSE17

I’m thrilled to be presenting AEM DataLayer at #IMMERSE17, the global virtual conference for the AEM Developer Community on May 17th at 3:15 PM PT. This talk will extend on my #AEMRockstar presentation on the AEM DataLayer library and will get into more details about how to use the AEM DataLayer library to easily integrate […]

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5 Visions Realized with Adobe Experience Cloud

This week I attended the Adobe Partner Cafe event in San Francisco, where I learned about the transformational visions Adobe has built into their digital experience solutions suite, Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Experience Cloud is a new omnichannel term Adobe introduced this year to more broadly serve all the digital marketing solutions they have, including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud […]

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New from Perficient: ACS AEM Commons Audit Log Search

On a recent project, we had some issues around go-live where production content was being overwritten, deleted or changed. We needed to figure out what was causing these issues quickly, as this was affecting author productivity and could potentially cause content issues if the wrong content went live. At the time, we used queries in […]

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AEM 6.3 First Looks: Content as a Service

To the seasoned Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architect the mention of a new content as a service feature might garner a raised eyebrow. After all, AEM has long provided (we thought) “content as a service” through use of Sling Selectors. That is any AEM page can be dissected by the use of selectors. See: […]

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