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Perspectives on Adobe Digital Marketing Platform Technologies

Managing Ghost Users & Repository Growth in AEM

In my earlier post, User Admin Console (Classic UI) & Crashing Browsers, I discussed how business analysts and administrators can make use of queries to debug user and group-related issues in AEM. In relation to that topic, I noticed we have a business requirement to add users to AEM, but we do not have a requirement to remove users […]

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How to Create “Drag and Drop” Experiences for AEM Authors

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to enable custom drag and drop interactions in AEM Author mode. In my specific use case, I wanted to give authors the ability to drag assets and drop them into dialog field. Upon dropping, the asset path should be copied into the field. This article assumes basic […]

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Adobe Implementations – There’s Power (and Money!) in the People

The Adobe platform has so much to offer. From campaign and experience management, to digital marketing and an awesome mobile experience, there are few things not to love about the platform. When we think of the benefits that Adobe brings, we (and our clients) very often think of our target customers and the benefits we […]

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Built to Run: Content Migration

We talk a lot about Built to Run around here at Perficient. We put an enormous focus on making sure we build our AEM implementations so that marketing departments can run most efficiently. You obviously can’t do that without content. Creating content from scratch is an option, but starting from scratch for really large enterprises, who […]

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Dynamic Tag Management: Project Reactor Coming Soon

Project Reactor is a tag management solution that empowers any developer to build, maintain, and update their own integrations into the Adobe platform. This capability gives marketers an app-store-like experience to quickly deploy web technologies, and integrate data to power compelling consumer experiences. At present, Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) is a top enterprise-level activation solution. It […]

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Financial Services Trends of 2017: Customer Experience

Companies of all shapes and sizes (and industries) strive to provide a better, more consistent, customer experience. Generally speaking, some industries are ahead of others. While there are certainly outliers, many financial services companies said they’ve yet to reach “maturity” in their approach to customer experience. Couple this with the fact that, according to Edelman’s […]

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) on Microsoft Azure Cloud

It is common for organizations to consolidate on a single Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, and Microsoft Azure’s strong play in creating hybrid Windows cloud environments makes it a logical choice for many IT departments. Based on Hyper-V, Microsoft’s long-proven native virtualization platform, the Azure platform offerings have grown considerably over the last few […]

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Going Beyond Globalization and Localization

In today’s retail, banking, government, education, automotive, insurance, defense and software industries, reaching the consumer and users has gone beyond regionalization and localization of the language of the website. Business and IT managers are under tremendous pressure to deliver content specific to the user without losing the brand value or conversion rate, and while continuing […]

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Alternative-Fact-Busting: AEM vs Open Source in a TCO Cage Match

Adobe Experience Manager versus Open Source: simple, right? An open source solution is free by definition, while a product that regularly leads Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves is going to cost you millions more, right? Right? Well…no.  Not exactly. I’ve seen enough platform selection exercises and total cost of ownership (TCO) engagements over the […]

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Built to Run in 2017: How We’re Delivering on Our Credo

One month into 2017, and the Adobe Practice at Perficient Digital is off and running. And speaking of running, we’re excited to announce our campaign for 2017: Built to Run. The spirit of this campaign is focused on Digital Marketing, and its purpose is to promote the Adobe Solutions and Services we offer. More specifically, how we […]

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